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Published on October 13th, 2023 | by Marilyn Reles


Singer-Songwriter Geoff Eido Ponders Profound Questions with Iconic New Single “ALL WILL SING”

Singer/Songwriter Geoff Eido (pronounced Ay-Dough) is set to release his upcoming single, “ALL WILL SING” to streaming services. The fifth installment of his upcoming compilation album, “ALL WILL SING” plunges deep into the underlying nature of reality with its impeccable production and indelible melody. Lyrically reminiscent of classics like “Bittersweet Symphony,” yet utterly original in its own right, “ALL WILL SING” will catch listeners off-guard, leaving them pondering profound questions about identity, purpose, and courage in this journey we call life. A maverick in the world of music, Eido’s artistic expression masterfully weaves elements of rage, wisdom, and love, igniting a revolutionary spirit that compels listeners to take action for themselves and the planet.

Eido’s inspiration for this mesmerizing song came from a dream, a haunting melody that he woke up with and immediately recorded. During a period of personal and familial upheaval, Eido found himself grappling with the nature of reality and perception. He realized that we often go through life numbing ourselves to the extreme aspects of reality until something profound awakens us to the mysteries of our existence. “ALL WILL SING” beautifully captures the spectrum of human experience, from tragedy to marvel, from perplexity to euphoria.

Eido describes the song as “haunting and humbling, perplexing and euphoric,” a reflection of the profound enigma that is life. He invites listeners to join him on this mesmerizing journey as they explore the convergence of extremes, the ungraspable paradox, and the light in the darkness.

Geoff Eido is no stranger to using music as a powerful tool for social transformation. His previous release, “WELLS RUN DRY” was featured in the LA Times and played a pivotal role in raising awareness and political action against a Canadian mining company’s plans to reopen a gold mine in the Grass Valley area of Northern California, potentially devastating the environment and draining the wells of local homes. With his relentless pursuit of social change through music, Geoff Eido continues to make waves in the industry. “ALL WILL SING” promises to be another milestone in his remarkable musical journey, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds around the world.

Don’t miss the release of “ALL WILL SING” as part of the “ORDINARY NIGHT” compilation album as well as his upcoming performance at the Phoenix Taphouse in Grass Valley at 134 Mill Street on Sunday, October 22nd at 7PM.

Watch the official music video on YouTube here.

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