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Published on November 18th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


TeaMarrr Unveils Her Unfiltered Musical Odyssey with “You Should Prolly Sit Down For This”

TeaMarrr, the soulful singer/songwriter hailing from Boston, has made a captivating return with her much-anticipated debut album, “You Should Prolly Sit Down For This,” now available through Raedio. The album stands as a poignant reflection of TeaMarrr’s journey, offering fans an unfiltered and vulnerable look into her world, chronicling pivotal moments in her life as she navigates the labyrinthine streets of Los Angeles as an independent artist.

An Intimate Chronicle Unveiled

Spanning 13 tracks, “You Should Prolly Sit Down For This” serves as an intimate narrative, providing a raw and sincere insight into TeaMarrr’s life experiences. The album masterfully captures her evolution as an artist, shining a spotlight on her skillful creative expression that resonates profoundly throughout this project.

According to TeaMarrr, the album serves as a musical compass for her transformative journey: “This album is about the church girl from the East Coast who takes a wild turn in the wild wild west and ends up lost in the belly of the beast. It’s a musical map guiding her way back.”

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Exploring the Depths: Themes and Collaborations

TeaMarrr fearlessly delves into profound themes of mental health, drug abuse, regret, loneliness, and the pursuit of inner peace. Standout tracks such as “Jarrrvis” and “Stress Free” encapsulate TeaMarrr’s storytelling prowess, touching upon universally relatable aspects of the human experience.

Her distinctive sound, influenced by iconic musicians like Amy Winehouse, Biggie Smalls, Lauryn Hill, Rihanna, Drake, and Jay-Z, offers a kaleidoscope of emotions within each tune. Collaborations with multi-GRAMMY-nominated production duo Butta-N-Bizkit (@butta.bnb) and esteemed songwriter Sebastian Kole further enrich the album’s sonic landscape.

A Musical Journey: From Past to Present

For newcomers to TeaMarrr’s musical realm, the artist recommends an introductory dive with tracks like “Cool Enough,” “I’m That,” or “Chasing Amy,” drawn from her 2020 releases. These tracks showcase her versatile and genre-blurring style, paving the way for the immersive experience offered by her latest music.

TeaMarrr’s unwavering dedication to her craft has resulted in remarkable milestones, including recognition from Issa Rae at the Soul Train Awards in 2019, touring alongside SIR in Europe, and providing direct support to Durand Bernarr on his 2023 Wanderlust Tour.

A Promising Future and Aspirations

With aspirations for a debut headlining tour on the horizon, TeaMarrr holds a promising future in the music industry. Her heartfelt message to fans, delivered with the endearing moniker “lil teacup,” aims to infuse rooms with warmth, laughter, and a profound sense of belonging through her music.

“It’s like candy for your ears, but the natural fruit kind,” TeaMarrr shares, expressing her desire to connect authentically with her audience, offering a glimpse of the light bestowed upon her by a higher power.

What Lies Ahead

“You Should Prolly Sit Down For This” is a musical odyssey from which one can anticipate a distinctive escorted journey through TeaMarrr’s world. Stay tuned for her upcoming EP, “KITEA CAT,” currently in development. TeaMarrr’s story promises to captivate and inspire as she ascends further into the realm of music, leaving an indelible mark with her artistic prowess and unbounded passion.

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