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Published on January 6th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Onpointop Rings in 2024 with a Bang: ‘PHUW (Pray How You Wanna)’ Unveiled!

As the New Year dawned, the music world buzzed with the release the latest single from Onpointop, ‘PHUW (Pray How You Wanna)‘. This track, part of his upcoming project Best of O 2‘, a sequel to the recently released promo album ‘Best of O‘, is more than just a song; it’s a testament to Onpointop’s artistic prowess and versatility.

Conceived in the historic lands of Egypt while writing his book, ‘PHUW’ was born from a well of inspiration so deep that it transcends the conventional boundaries of music. “The moment I heard the instrumental, the song just poured out of me,” Onpointop recalls.

‘PHUW’ is not just a track; it’s a musical journey. It showcases Onpointop’s exceptional talent, placing him alongside the elites in music creation. The production is more than brilliant; it’s a melodic masterpiece that promises to outshine its competitors. Released on January 1st, 2024, ‘PHUW’ is set to be a beacon of musical innovation for the entire year.

Onpointop, the name itself resonates with versatility and ambition. Signed, managed, and owned by his brand label, Olofepence, Onpointop is not just a musician but a business mogul and a creative powerhouse. His journey in the arts began with a passion for film and writing, leading him through drama schools, to involvement in numerous productions. His recent book, ‘Calculated Risk’, sold exclusively to supporters, friends, and family, is a testament to his literary flair.

In music, Onpointop is a self-made maestro. He mixes, masters, engineers, produces, and writes his own songs. His band, composed of close friends, reflects his dedication to authenticity and collaboration.

Defying the conventional, Onpointop’s music transcends the Hip Hop domain, venturing into uncharted territories of sound. His repertoire is an eclectic mix, a testament to his refusal to be pigeonholed. From collaborating with giants like Jessie J and Stormzy to exploring subtle melodies, his spectrum is as broad as it is colorful. He doesn’t just perform music; he lives it, in all its diverse forms.

In the past, music was a part of Onpointop’s multifaceted life, but not the full story. Today, it’s different. He confesses, “Music was a part of me, but now, it is me.” This shift marks a new era, where every beat, every lyric, is imbued with his complete dedication. 

For Onpointop, music is a conversation, a way to connect with souls across the globe. His goal? To weave a tapestry of fans, old and new, united by the love of authentic sound. His voice becomes a bridge, spanning the gap between artist and listener, creating not just an audience, but a community.

Moving on, Onpointop’s journey is paved with the philosophy of resilience. “It’s not about the falls; it’s about the rises,” he reflects. This belief is the bedrock of his art and business—a relentless pursuit of excellence against all odds.

Looking ahead, Onpointop envisions a legacy that intertwines his musical and entrepreneurial aspirations. It’s not just about chart-toppers or business ventures; it’s about creating a lasting impact, a footprint in the sands of time. ‘PHUW (Pray How You Wanna)’ is a step in this grand journey—a journey that promises to redefine the landscapes of music and business.

Stay tuned to @OLOFEPENCE on Instagram and other social media platforms for this remarkable journey.


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