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Rhyme Report Faux Real announce debut album with new single "Rent Free"

Published on February 24th, 2024 | by Just Jay


Faux Real announce debut album with new single “Rent Free”

Marked by bold guitars, glitchy software, and an infectious Europop beat, “Rent Free” heralds Faux Real’s long-awaited debut album, Faux Ever, arriving at last via City Slang on Friday, May 24.  A self-described “11-piece symphony for head-banging and longing,” Faux Ever sees Faux Real – a.k.a. the Los Angeles-based Franco-American brothers Arndt –  once again playing on the outskirts of language and sound, exploring themes of heartbreak, labor, and the home with harmonies and humor, playful beats and en franglais. Recorded between Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, and Provence, Faux Ever thrusts the duo’s sultry, surreal, and unclassifiable sound towards a glossier pop horizon, an existential sonic pastiche with a glistening digital sheen.

“We’re always questioning things and turning them upside down,” says Elliot Arndt.

“Our sound has never been more personal,” says Virgile Arndt. “The method to this specific madness has been one of constant change, with our studio locale never fixed, always more minimal than the last. Faux Ever is a reflection on art, brotherhood, authenticity, faults and triumphs.”

Faux Ever was first heralded last fall with the album’s first single, “Faux Maux.” Hailed by France’s Les Inrockuptibles as “a singular musical experience… as flamboyant as it is daring,” the track is joined by a self-directed official music video, featuring cinematography by longtime collaborator Léo Schrepel (Phoenix, Etienne Daho) and streaming now at YouTube.



Known far and wide for their DIY, Iggy Pop-meets-Eurodance live performances, Faux Real will celebrate Faux Ever with an international schedule that includes dates in Paris, Berlin, London, and Austin, TX. Complete details and a full tour itinerary will be announced soon. For updates,



2 – Paris, FR – Les Inrocks Festival @ Le Centquatre

6 – London, UK – Wide Awake Festival Pre-Party

7 – Berlin, DE – 8MM Bar

Elliott and Virgile Arndt founded Faux Real in 2018, blending post-punk, glam rock, and a taste for pop grandeur, fashioning a truly inimitable musical experience. From their increasingly accomplished studio output to mesmerizing, unprecedented live performances, Faux Real invite the audience to join them an enthralling post-realist expedition through contemporary pop culture with razor-edged satire, inspired boy band choreography, and a charged sensuality that has fast earned them a fervent fan following that includes among their number such iconic stars as Duran Duran, Beck, Paramore, Metronomy, and Wet Leg. Now, with the imminent arrival of Faux Ever, Faux Real continue to gleefully ignore boundaries and barriers, assuring the journey is as exhilarating as the ultimate destination.


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