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Published on July 17th, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is: La’Air


Its ya boy La‘Air local rapper,engineer,songwritter etc my goal is one thing. Not to be just another rapper out of the DMV area,but instead be a artist that can express my emotions through my melodies and harmonies. I believe setting the trend will be a journey because competion is out there. One thing about me no matter the obstacle i will find a way to overcome that wall. I strongly believe that what holds DC back from being the music mogul it should be is the support level we don’t support each other or network with eachother enough. You never know who knows who.

As you see your self, who is La’Air¬†?

La’Air is the next link on that long chain of success. Giving music that shot in the arm that it needs to return back to what it was heart felt,memorable and¬†respected.So¬†that the next generation has a sense of guidance,and¬†conscious about what it is that their¬†putting out into the world,music
What brought you to the entertainment industry and music specifically?
I wanted to have a voice of relevance and meaning and through my music is the best avenue and pathway to having a voice.
What’s happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?
My first experience in front of crowd was simply breathtaking, and gave me a rush and from that very moment i knew this was for me. 
What was the biggest obstacle in getting to your current career phase?
The biggest obstacle currently standing in my way is the people who control the airwaves have a problem with accepting music that is not of tradition of today.
Tell us about your current project?
Well my current project is my single “Outrajus” which will be a club¬†banger that will set a trend so¬†popular to that the streets,club and radio’s¬†won’t be able to get enough. Everything they see everything they say will just be “Outrajus “
If you had to pick one song of yours, that really explains YOU, what would it be?
That song would be my song in which is entitled “Tonight I Wanna Cry ” Which elaborates¬†closely on the pain and struggle that endured growing up int o the man that you see before you today.¬†
Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment‚Ķ
The Superbowl when everybody fount out that the patriots deflated the footballs to try to get the uperhand and won even though they cheated so¬†I’m saying were¬†they do that at.
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