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Published on July 27th, 2016 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Photoshoot Aftermath: Teen reality show photo gets a thousand words…and the drama

The Hype Magazine CEO/Publisher Just Jay (@hypejustjay) went out to shoot photos for a new reality series surrounding the top internet sensations in Atlanta, “Teen Hustle.” She posted the photo on July 5th and things ignited from there. A simple image that has been cropped, excluding certain faces, but not intentionally, has turned into quit a stir.  The comments went nuts with a combined fanbase of over 5 million followers across a collective of 10 Instagram accounts; the followers of these sensations caused quite a stir.

The reality show scene has taken over television and even though these are young teens ,you can see they have just as much personality and pop off as adults.  Normally we don’t do the drama thing, but since we just came off a series call “Digital Revolution” the backlash regarding the cropping of a pic for this initial photo shoot for “Teen Hustle” on Instagram, demonstrates once again the power of the digital space…

Teen/Hustle Coming Soon! – #TheHypeMagazine #JustJay #HypeJustJay

A photo posted by The Hype Magazine (@thehypemagazinenetwork) on


*Warning* we posted the full drama as it unfolded with absolutely no editing…


Teen/Hustle Coming Soon! – #TheHypeMagazine #JustJay #HypeJustJay
thehypemagazinenetworkTeen/Hustle Coming Soon! – #TheHypeMagazine #JustJay #HypeJustJay
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[email protected]
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia hoe stfu
_thatdamnniaShe’s youngggg , aww wanna keep arguing or you finished ? Or you done ? ? @fiji.miaahh
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia not young ????
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia bye
_thatdamnniaHow old ? Cause you ain’t got NO pictures of you lmfao . @fiji.miaahh and don’t lie about your age or IMA tell your ugly ass momma .
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia BITCH MY MOMMA AINT UGLY IT AINT MY FAULT YOUR DADDY LEFT AND NEVA CAME BACK FOH LIL THOT????? get your followers up hoe
[email protected] I can’t tell maybe she died , any who you have followers off of bre lol not yourself baby doll this is my back up page if you lurk harder lmfaooo my dad left but my mom and him are married what you sound like .
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia my momma aint die ….she sitting inna living room rn?? and how do I get followers off bre if I just started following her???
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia foh lil hoe….no daddy having ass
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia I’m lurking on your page?? But I DONT FOLLOW YOU and last time I checked you liked the video on my page?????
_thatdamnniaLol if I didn’t have a dad I wouldn’t be here . is you dumb or stupid , bye lol @fiji.miaahh you need some company .
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia you the one commenting back ….YOU CLAIM YOUR GROWN……bye kid
_thatdamnniaLol bye little one , I had a little extra time to send back because you mentioned me like billy bad ass ? @fiji.miaahh
fiji.miaahh@_thatdamnnia ??????✌
ceomiamimike@_rebee_perignon this is just Jay
fineass.kaayyy(eats popcorn and reads the comments)??
_jaydaaa._?????? LOVE ALL THEM especially Shawn ????❤️❤️❤️❤️
lildurk_shayshay2xThey all my favorites even tho a few of my favorites missing but ?????✨✨???❤
bbygurllexi???????????alll my favorite atl dancers let’s go
h._ttp.post@bbygurllexi Shawn don’t dance you know that right
bbygurllexiI’m talking bout bre banji BRI twins and derryl and imprint @h._ttp.post
bbygurllexiEventhough derryl not in the pic @h._ttp.post
h._ttp.postOh alright @bbygurllexi
yoboyfunnythey all lit
thehypemagazinenetworkOff the chain. There is reality show going right here. Smh
thehypemagazinenetwork@ceomiamimike whats cooking I just sent you a DM
ex0tic.bazzIs this gonna be a tv show ?
mostylezhair????? #bae @iaujah ??
thehypemagazinenetworkYes it’s coming soon!
__tha.kid_. ?? atl ??
luhhkiaThat’s not the full picture
only1_deannaThank you Gang Gang Gang ??
muva.chyWhy they crop the picture?
[email protected] @luhhkia somebody probably screenshotted it and reposted and didn’t crop it to where everyone was in it. I don’t think it was intentional
zylynrobertsLOVE all them especially @atl.bre
lolamarie31To be continued…..Gotta wait & see.. ????

How will this play out between these teen internet sensations? Only time will tell but we’ll be there!

“Being successful comes with hard work and dedication. Having that AMBITION and DRIVE will lead you to REMARKABLE places. These children BELIEVE!!! They do it, they bring it, Nothing was handed to them, they have EARNED IT!! They express themselves through dance, writing, modeling, rapping, singing, design, and styling. When you’ve been dealt a tuff hand in life at a young age whether being bullied, losing loved ones, or just simply not being excepted for living in your “TRUTH” you find that outlet. These teenagers outlets have been their talents while putting all negativity aside to accomplish positive things and live out their dreams. They are the actual Socialites (Social Lights) of Atlanta who DREAM IT, THINK IT, and now they’re DOING IT!!!?

Producers ~ Toni Dixon & Lolitha Powell (Lola)

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