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Published on November 1st, 2016 | by Jerry Doby


Company Profile: Skylinyl re-purposes vinyl records for the sake of art!


The Hype Magazine’s custom Skylinyl piece in it’s Atlanta Office

Skylinyl (IG @skylinyl) started in 2013 during a summer trip across Sydney, Australia, when Co-founder Shawn McClure came across a crate of vinyl records headed for the dump. With the records left to warp and distort, Shawn’s first thought was how to save or utilize them for another purpose. With a few chops of a kitchen knife, the first Skylinyl was born.

After traveling back to his home in Seattle, Washington, and sharing Skylinyl with friends and colleagues, Shawn started getting custom requests from around the country. Three years later, more than 3,000 hand cut Skylinyls have been sent all across the world.


1. Each Skylinyl design is hand-cut by Shawn using a variety of everyday design utensils.

2. Once the design has been refined and finalized for duplication, the artwork is digitalized using Easel, an open source software for 3D carving machines.

3. Scratched, damaged or otherwise unwanted vinyl records are sourced from record stores around the USA, in exchange for tax rebates. These recycled records will become the canvasses for all Kickstarter Skylinyl pledges.

4. A CNC machine is used to transfer the design onto each record, in order to create the cleanest cuts and finest detail possible.

This company is on the rise rapidly and their kickstarter campaign has the industry abuzz!!! Support our environment and a great new startup that has bigger designs for the future!


Shout out to the whole team at Skylinyl for the awesome job they did with our cutout, it adds an ‘it’ factor to the office!!! ~ JD

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