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Published on November 10th, 2016 | by Jerry Doby


Editor’s Pick: AWKWORD ‘Hands’ [prod. by Numonics | pres. by DJ Crazy A]

Awkword (@AWKWORDrap) is that Hip Hop bard who has over the years stayed true to the culture and never shies away from the hot button topics effecting the lives of the masses. He’s not on some local *ish as he’s embedded in the fabric of Hip Hop all the way to Africa. Awkword’s new joint ‘Hands’ while speaking of a long running history of conflict between the average citizen with the powers that be, may also just be prophetic for the near future as well.

“Stop it right there and stretch your hands to the sky /
‘Never trust police’ is what I’ve known since I was five /
And every cop I’ve met always wants to know why /
For all the times I saw my street swept up out in Bed Stuy

(Full: http://genius.com/Awkword-hands-lyrics)

If these lyrics don’t register as truth with you, perhaps you’ve been hiding under a rock, just don’t care OR you are on the side of the oppressive forces riding the streets in the name of the establishment. Either way, this joint should start a meaningful conversation because, unless we fix this *ish RAPIDLY, the revolution will be televised…

Our social climate here is quite volatile, with protests and demonstrations across our great nation against police brutality and of course the until recently inconceivable election outcome, putting one of the most vile and disgusting human beings on the planet at the head of our nation. The last protests which swept across college campuses in this country in this manner happened during the Viet Nam era…culminating in the mass murder of students at Kent State University by police and national guard units.

Ok let me stop before this becomes a full feature story! We are gonna let Awkword do the talking now…tune in and be awakened!

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