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Published on January 30th, 2017 | by Jason Bourne


From Greenpoint with Love for Hip Hop: #CantStopAtson

Representing Greenpoint, Brooklyn Atson or #CantStopAtson (@CantStopAtson) is a rising star on the Hip Hop scene. An energetic performer with diverse approach to his music Atson is adept are spitting metaphors as well as he is applauded for his party cuts.  Recording professionally since 16, this 22 year MC is at the cusp of breaking through to the masses with his consistent delivery of quality music and good visual content.  Collaborating with artists of all genres has afforded Atson to round out his brand sonically and his add to his visual resume as well.  Looking to inspire others and remind of the reward for hard work, Atson is a constant in his community showing and proving.  

 “Motivation is the key to success. A good team behind you is a major help, as they can boost your morale when the going gets tough and there does not seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.   I keep positive energy around me and try to weed out the negative.”

Breathing positivity into his hometown, he is a staple at the renowned venues that call Greenpoint, and New York City for that matter home.   What started as an intrigue, as he found himself in the thick of the night life has turned into an undeniable respect for the culture. Atson desires to contribute to Hip Hop at the highest level.


Big L and clubbing was the biggest inspiration on me. I fell in love with Hip Hop and now I am grateful to say I am a Hip Hop artist.”



Taking advantage of his knowledge of the genre, Atson fuses the tempo of today with the lyricism of the golden era.  From open mics, to showcases, concerts and more he is building from the ground up like the legends before him. Atson is definitely in the running with much promise.  His branding efforts have not gone unnoticed as his outstanding performances are supplemented with merchandise and other marketing tools which show his understanding of impact and visibility.

Watch his latest visual, McChapo


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