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Published on January 4th, 2017 | by Jason Bourne


Kwoat drops high quality visual for his “Toast” single

Newly signed to MorValue Brian Kwoat Louis is a Brooklyn native who in possession with outside of the box charisma, with a trendy demeanor and meaningful lyrics. How could that be? Simple, as the pillar of his coined “shock rap” movement he is a trailblazer and highly entertaining.
“I started at the lunchroom table just looking to impress my cousin and classmates.”
With their support in tow, he went on to gather followers who believe in his promise and have taken to the streets of New York City for their champion. Labeled as alternative early on, Kwoat has owned his sound.

“I would always have a book full of quotes that I would fit into a verses. Sometimes, comical, they had an impact. My biggest punchlines have been paraphrased and now flow melodically. ”

A member of the “Audio Addikts” Kwoat is vastly educated in the arts, befriending engineers, writers, producers and other creators. His debut mixtape, Writer’s Block was released in 2010 followed by I Don’t Want To Be A Playa (collaboration with President Davo) which has garnered over 2M views virally.   Now considered a social media sensation (Following over 25K) Kwoat offers his fans a superior live performance which only heightens demand and anticipation.




As a headliner of The Dean’s List Tour Kwoat has become a household name with his generation touching stages at colleges up and down the east coast performing his crowd favorites like his Kwoat-Mix to Luv (Tory Lanez original). Check out the visual for his Toast single below:





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