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Published on May 12th, 2017 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session Dean Erica Muhl of the USC Iovine and Young Academy

When I learned that The University of Southern California Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation was accepting applications for its first graduate program, Design@USC, an online Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology. I HAD to check in with the Founding Executive Director of the program, Dean Erica Muhl who is also the Dean of the USC Roski School of Art and Design. Muhl, a long time music composer/conductor, talked to us about how this program came about and discussed the thought process behind this unique and around the corner thinking course of study. The new online master of science program prepares students to develop solutions to complex design, business and technological challenges.

Ok, so just how do you pitch the dynamic duo of Dr. Dre (recently named as #3 on the Forbes Wealthiest Hip Hop Artists list) and living legend Jimmy Iovine on an educational concept based on actual work experiences from the entertainment industry? She just asked; kind of!

The graduate program is the logical follow-on to the undergrad course of study which touches on and preps students to do what it seems global governments have major trouble figuring out; cooperation and collaboration.

I’d like to comment that, all successful undertakings are successful by design…not art, pictures or lines, but a crafting of a plan by which all the necessary pieces will fall into place. The master’s program is a skillful way of teaching cooperation, collaboration, teamwork and the melding of minds (shout out to Spock) to destroy obstacles and barriers which might keep forward progress at bay.

Initially, this was going to be a magnificent editorial piece with a bunch of my interpretations and understandings, blah blah blah, Ad nauseam however, as I listened once again to my conversation with Dean Muhl, that went totally out of the window. I recognized that it’s a classic convo that should not be ruined by journalistic rumination.

Dean Erica Muhl

Tune In and hear this fantastic educator discuss the far-reaching impact the course could have on not just entertainment and business, but human relations across the globe, defeating cultural, and ideological differences.


Lastly, if you want MORE understanding of WHY this program is so important, WHY we as the human race have to keep the faith and learn to overcome, make sure you check out the upcoming HBO documentary “The Defiant Ones” which airs July 9, 2017.

Official Website: Design@USC

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