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Damian “Jr Gong” Marley Breaks Ground with Latest album Stony Hill

“Revolution is to bring on change and we’re spiritual people trying to bring on spiritual change. It might sound like I’m a dreamer, but economic models have reached their height of evolution. Technology has evolved. What hasn’t evolved is mankind’s spirituality; everything is from 3,000 years ago.”

Damian “Jr Gong” recently released fourth studio album, Stony hill.  The “Tuff Gong” reggae icon hits the airwaves with singles, “So Am I” featuring Skrillex and Ty Dolla Sign and “R.O.A.R.”  Stony Hill produced primarily in Los Angeles and Miami has a vintage spirit.  Damian Marley has been a Reggae staple since the mid 1990’s.  The son of the honorable Bob Marley, a legendary artist, his career parallels his fathers iconic roots.  Bob Marley blended acoustic soul, calypso and jazz to produce Ska- the precursor to Reggae music.  In 1994 Bob Marley entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his posthumous catalogue.  In 1070 Marley pioneered Tuff Gong records to produce the album “Catch A Fire”  aside the Wailers, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.  Chris Blackwell of Island records expressed, “Bob had a rebel type of approach but his rebelliousness had a clearly designed purpose.” Legend was released in 1984 and is regarded as the most influential album of all-time based on its political and spiritual strength.  Marley’s father was credited with bringing Reggae to the international mainstream.  However, with purpose he fought through injustice using spiritual revolution.

The Rastafarian movement is the roots of a tree forged in the trenches of Kingston, Jamaica.  Damian Marley is a rebel soul, and most notably a renegade of funk.  “Music is an expression of what’s inside of you. And that’s how I make music.”For  “Welcome to Jamrock” Marley was awarded his second Grammy for Best Urban Alternative/Reggae in 2006.  Although the single peaked in the middle of the billboard charts, the song was listed as a premiere song of the Decade by Rolling Stone Magazine.  His first Grammy arose in 2002 for album “Halfway Tree,” which had a more Dance-hall fusion as opposed to composing a critical statement.  The success of Distant Relatives, a collaborative effort with emcee Nas was well received by the masses.  Marley appeared on Jayz album 4:44 on song, “Bam.” As Marley prepares for a performance at the House of Blues in Dallas, he evokes a vital spirituality.  Marley still records in the same Tuff Gong studio his father built.  Through Selassie’s eyes Damian forms the essence of musical genius. Each song he invokes the spirit of his father.  Political issues and social injustice plague the world today, Marley, like his Father, has been a voice for the world from the trenches.   Marley emerges the raw revolutionary fire that will sooth your soul, or “Catch A Fire.”




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