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Published on December 27th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


World Chess Championship – Visas for Players from Iran and Qatar Were Secured

In any conversation that deals with serious global socio-relationship issues, the Kink Salman World Open and Women’s Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships in Saudi Arabia could and perhaps SHOULD be used as the case study for advancing cultural change that results in inclusion as well as how to take the politics out of sports. In a showcase of what CAN be accomplished when a global community sets its mind to a task. National origin and gender, each fell by the wayside in this Championship Series for the more critical mission of bringing people together whose lives revolve around creating solutions…the chess community is showing world leaders what should be a template for success to those who truly wish to make it work with other humans.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall as this chess maven community discusses global warming, politics, economics, etc. ijs ~ JD

Here’s the official line on the historic opening day

The inaugural King Salman World Open and Women’s Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships in Saudi Arabia, opened December 25th and marks an important advance in Saudi Arabia’s mission to become a sporting hub capital and provides a refreshing inclusion of women in such high profile public events.

The World Chess Championships are a vehicle for promoting peace and development of friendship amongst all nations. As stated by FIDE after combined efforts between FIDE officials and Saudi Arabian authorities, visas for players from Iran and Qatar were secured. Any publication on the internet stating that visas for players from Iran and Qatar have been “refused” is inaccurate. The fact that players from Iran and Qatar may decide not to participate, after consulting their own authorities, is clearly their own individual decision.

Quoting from a statement issued by FIDE,  ‘to put facts into perspective, the Saudi authorities informed FIDE that the visas for Qatari players will be issued and they also proposed that for security reasons the Qatari players should play under the FIDE flag. This issue was resolved the next day by FIDE, and the Qatar Chess Association was informed that their players would play under their own flag. FIDE, additionally, had accepted the registration of two Qatari players as FIDE nominees, although they had not met the minimum rating requirements. FIDE took this extra responsibility knowing that it would create an additional organizational burden.’

Here’s a peek from the opening day

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