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Published on February 6th, 2018 | by SaintMichael


This African “Dread-Head” History Restores Honor & Respect!

Before we get started on the African History, let’s say Happy Birthday to the original Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta, Bob Marley who represented the ‘Locks’ long before western society became friendly towards the look. In fact before they were considered a fashion, the Rasta’s in Jamaica were even fatally persecuted for growing their hair in this way. So in their honor I’ll refrain from using the word “Dread” because according to the Rasta Elders, “There is nothing Dreadful about Locks”. Not only do I agree, but this article will even prove it.

Although we’ve allowed white supremacy to force a negative stigma on this hair style, originally the wearing of ‘Locks” was highly respected by ancient Black People. Specifically, the Locks associated a divine status to the individual who wore them. This fact is evidenced by the earliest depiction of ‘Locks’ carved in stone thousands of years ago on the lion head of a Egyptian Goddess, known to the west as ‘Sekhmet‘. I like to think of her as a Goddess of the “Revolution” because she is the destroyer of corrupt civilizations. When mankind loses their way and the time arrives to restore divine order, its the responsibility of this warrior Goddess to unleash the wrath of the Gods.

The key to remember is that the ancient Priests who served this Goddess were required to grow Locks like her.  Hence, when someone seen a brother or sister wearing these Locks, it would be correctly assumed they were a Priest then given the utmost respect. That explains why the Gikuyu Tribe wear locks (Pictured to the left) and were given the highest respect in the sacred lands of Kenya among other tribes. It’s because they’re a tribe of ancient Priests and Seers. There’s even records showing that the Gikuyu would sometimes be made chief to unrelated tribes such as the Masai Tribe. Funny to know many Black People today would be embarrassed to see their President wearing Locks! Indeed its sad to see how far from distinction this divine image has fallen, but the Hip Hop generations in America have embraced the look as a legit style. Now even corporate America is facing the reality that locks are here to stay and the revolution energy won’t be cut short.



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