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Published on April 2nd, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


Jay G – Off The Wall

Indiana Native Jay-G Tells his Story in “The Life of

LOS ANGELES, CA – Princeton, Indiana has produced a jack-of- all-trades when it
comes to music — Anthony DeJarnett, also known by his stage name, Jay-G. His music
started out as a way out of the street life. It wasn’t long after that he was teaching
himself how to produce his own beats, which quickly became a lucrative venture,
leading to video production and managing multiple artists from Indiana to as far as
Denver, Colorado.

Since buckling down in his career, Jay-G hasn’t stopped the hustle. In such a short
amount of time, he has accomplished so many remarkable things in his career. “Last
year, I did a tour in seven states. I was able to get my record label off the ground, and
then I opened up my own studio. I’m glad to say I taught myself everything, and no one
can stop me,” said the artist. This one-track mentality has kept him progressing. His
signature sound and vibe are what you would consider “straight to the point”. He strives
to make his message as clear as possible so fans can understand the story he is trying
to deliver.

Right now, he has been busy working on his mixtape, which will tell his story in length:
“The Life of Jay-G”. Consisting of fifteen original songs, such as “Trapping My Whole
Life” and “Off The Wall”, the mixtape will be sure to bring the heat he is known for.

“People are going to get the story of my come up, including my struggles. People will
see how I made it to where I’m at now,” said Jay-G. In other words, fans will get the
whole spectrum in seeing the good, bad and ugly of Jay-G.

Coming from a small town, the artist has a different perspective on most things that life
throws our way. “My story is going to come from a completely different avenue. I deal
with racism and people trying to hold me back in place that has little opportunity, But, I
never let this get me down, and I hope this inspires listeners,” Jay-G said. Committed to
the whole vision, he’s working on solidifying a visual for fans. Jay-G is all about the
bigger picture. His philosophy is simple: “We’re all in music together, and I hope the
moves I’m making are productive and inspiring.” There is certainly strength in numbers.

Make sure to stay up to date with Jay-G, so you don’t miss out on the release of his
upcoming mixtape “The Life of Jay-G”!

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