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Published on July 19th, 2018 | by Guest Editor


Not A Fan – Ratchet Kids On The Moon

Not A Fan (N.A.F.), release new LP, RATCHET KIDS ON THE MOON.  Brothers Dorian and Dominic London of Yorktown, VA released the LP which features familiar titles like “SHINE,” “LIVE” and “MOOD.”

RATCHET KIDS ON THE MOON combines the intoxicating beats and rhythms of modern trap music with the autotune pop vocals loved by audiences everywhere.  The result is a bridge in the gap of multiple genres.  N.A.F. say that their “shows are infectious for all crowds…described as a mosh pit of all races and genders pushing, sweating, twerking, dread swangin’, sanging and freedom.”  RATCHET KIDS ON THE MOON is the next wave in preserving this inclusive, intoxicating genre.

In 2015 they started to collaborate with longtime friend J-Dep, an established producer who has worked on several well-known projects in pop, r&b and hip-hop, such as an award-winning song with major recording artist Kid Ink. They recently dropped a new music video for their first single “Shine” that was released on June 30th, 2017- produced by J-Dep- currently at +31,000 plays on Soundcloud.


“‘Shine’ and ‘Mood’ [bring] the lyricism of original hip-hop fused with the rock star autotune sound of today’s hipster kids.”

The hip-hop duo has collectively formed a new style of music that they have referred to as being Rockstar/Auto-tune Energy, often calling themselves the black version of music group Owl City.

N.A.F. has toured Virginia and the surrounding areas, soon to be expanding their high energy show to venues across the country. Watch them open for Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti – and demonstrate their electric ability to excite the audience.

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