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Rhyme Report

Published on July 20th, 2018 | by Jason Bourne


Rhyme Report: Prince Hood “Appreciated”

Supported creatively since childhood, Prince Hood would be groomed by piano lessons, guitar lessons, dance class and choir. The perfect diversion from the realities of his neighborhood where dealers, fiends, gangsters, pimps and prostitutes turned the streets upside down.  That is East Flatbush.


When his parents split, Prince Hood rightfully took on the man of the house role as the only male child. Aggression would ensue, and rambunctious activity that comes with it.  By high school he would settle in as a dual sport standout and reigning member of the in-crowd at Lafayette High school. Considered an underachiever scholastically, his love for music usually took precedent over education. During his second year at Mount Ida College, Prince Hood suffer suspension from the Football team due to excessive partying, and turned his focus to music taking advantage of his relationship with two up and coming MCs he hung out with. Hood would join AFRO Productions and how to make beats on the Motif, then MPC and in Fruity loops. A Student of business and management he took on the unofficial role of general manager booking shows for artists like Trenton’s Street Soldiers, Lakeview’s Skullmobb, and Jersey City’s Sa Dubb within the New England College circuit and clubs in the Boston area. On the side he performed at open mics and showcases as well as continued to develop his production skills. After graduation he would intern for Ray Daniels and Drahma Magazine. He was officially in the music industry.   He would go on to work with a new group / label 456 which included high school friend, Hi$tory Inda Makin, known then as Pretty Boy.


Prince Hood would produce records and provide assistance on hooks and concepts.  Although he worked with all members of the group, Hood and H.I.M would always end up working in the studio together which was the beginning of a great chemistry.  Eventually the two decided to create their own brand and H Squared was born. Looking for ways to set themselves apart, the group toyed with different ways to deliver their lingo. Mixing Max B’s had wavy and the popular term swag they coined the phrase ‘Swave’ short for Swavor.  Their debut mixtape “The Introduction Of…” would hit in May of 2010 hosted by DJ Don Demarco. Prince Hood would shoot all but one of the group’s visuals. Later the two would launch their label Swavorland Entertainment, LLC and drop their sophomore effort, The Year of The Swave with production by Prince Hood on 16 out of 19.   H Squared would win The Underground Music Award for Best Rap Duo.


Fast forward to recent years, Swavorland has launched a YouTube series called SwaveLife starring comedian Swave G Hookah and has added other artists like Punch Loc and Crooner/Lyricist G.G Adonis aka Briel to their roster.  The brand has ventured into promoting concerts with success of the sold out, In Music We Trust Concert, and now have teamed up with Smoke Dza, Vinnie Chase and Capital Campaign to put on The Offering Concert at Webster Hall. 2017 ended wonderfully for Prince Hood as the buzz around his MixtapeISH release and spins for lead single Swave on It grew exponentially.  The track features Hi$tory, longtime collaborator Bajan Sparrow and is produced by Hit maker, Jahlil Beats.   Never one to miss an opportunity to capitalize, Prince Hood has brought the summer in by releasing a new project Appreciated which is currently available on all major retail platforms.


Listen to Appreciated



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