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Published on July 22nd, 2018 | by Jerry Doby


Who is Singer-Songwriter Gina Brooklyn?

Back story – Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist Gina Brooklyn, now only 17 years old, sent a pre-mastered version of her soon to come EP (produced by Idris Aquil from Universal Music Group) back in January of 2018 to a few select industry professionals. Within a month, Gina was signed to a two-year publishing administration and a global digital distribution deal with California based Ingrooves Music Group.

Gina released her first single “Normal” described as a “Summer Feel good” song on June 1st to all digital outlets along with a Video release on YouTube June 8th. With almost 10 million listens on Soundcloud and gaining traction on YouTube her song is starting to go viral.

Her follow-up single “Warning” was released on July 13th. This song was not only written by Gina when she was 16 but includes an incredibly talented band of musicians from NYC along with a 4 string quartet to back up Gina’s incredible vocal performance. The final vocal performance on this track was done in ONE take. No Auto-tune or any other digital manipulation was done to her vocals. She did three passes but her producer took the very first one.

I got the opportunity to review one of Gina’s new joints “Warning” awhile back and was amazed at the depth of this young artists talent. Amazing use of timbre and intonation and mastery connecting with the sonics of the production, made me believe every word and imho, Gina is one of the next artists with a shot to contribute to music beyond one or two joints…fizzling out after an accidental meteoric rise.

Straight 4/5 for me ~ JD

We got Gina to weigh in on a few things…check it out! ~ JD

Give us your take from the outside looking in on Gina Brooklyn!

Gina Brooklyn is someone who is positive, who loves everybody, who wants everyone to follow their dreams and succeed, who appreciates all kinds of music, who really wants to help others and give others hope and healing through music, and someone who could really care less about what other people think of her- she’s doing her own thing and loves every minute of it.

What brought you to music?

My family has always been into music- my dad moved to Nashville in his early 20s to pursue music, and met my mom at a music festival. They ended up creating a hard rock band and were on the verge of getting signed. Growing up I loved music, and I always wanted to be a singer. In 7th grade we had a segment in English about poetry, which then brought me to love writing, then songwriting. The day I wrote my first song and showed my parents was the day they told me that I could make a living off of doing what I really loved, and that they would support me to the end- and here I am today, thanks to them!

What do you want listeners to get from your music?

I want people to be inspired and to let them know that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. It’s a very scary thing to put yourself out there and to follow your heart and dreams- but I really hope I can give people the courage to do so.

Tell us about your current project

Currently I have been working on marketing my two new singles “Warning” & “Normal”! I’ve been writing a lot too, and there are other things in the works that I can’t really say anything about yet… but I’m super excited!

If you had to pick one song of your that you feel would be a great introduction to you as an artist, what might that be?

I think a good introductory song for people to really get to know me and my artistry would be my newest single “Warning”. It really shows my style and how much I love raw music.

Tell us about your passion outside of music!

I’ve always loved fashion- fashion in the sense of DIY-ing your own clothes, thrift shopping, things like that. It’s so much fun to buy clothes and make them one of a kind- to make them into things that really show off who you are. The majority of my closet is all thrifted clothing! I also love interior design; it’s really funny because when I was 10/11 everyone I knew would watch Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, but I’d watch HGTV in my room & move all my furniture around to try and copy what they were doing with designing! I remember one day I completely moved all my furniture in my room around and I made so many marks on the walls, my parents were so mad LOL. But to this day I still design rooms- I actually helped design someones living room and kitchen, I did my own room, my parent’s room, and recently I painted my basement. Interior design has always been a strong passion of mine!

Last but not least, The Hype Magazine wants to know about your craziest “Where They Do That At?!” moment or WTF situation thus far for you?

I think the a good WTF moment was a recent one, the day I went to Warped Tour and discovered I really like seeing Screamo live! Pretty crazy! I also crowd surfed- it was a very intense and awesome day haha!

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