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CMDWN – Atlanada 2

Combining the gauzy and melodic music of Toronto with the aggressive ATL trap sound, CMDWN Collective are masters of late-night vibes. Embracing the diversity and cultural exchange that makes their collaboration possible, ATLANADA 2, the new album from the duo comprised of Ca$tro Guapo and FIJI, is a stylish synthesis of CMDWN’s appeal, providing a soundtrack for the turn-up or the waning hours of a night out. Hosting previously-released tracks like the skeletal “Strong,” and the popular Nessly collab “Die In Supreme,” which has over 2 million streams, the project finds Atlanta rapper Ca$tro Guapo and Toronto singer FIJI blending styles from their respective hometowns into a fresh new cocktail. Featuring additional appearances from Chief Keef, Key!, Nessly, Killy, Pressa, and Lil Berete, and production from WondaGurl, 1k, VillaBeatz, Dnny Phntm, and more, ATLANADA 2 arrives via eOne Music Worldwide.

“Atlanada 2 has been a long time coming,” explain CMDWN. “It’s a combination of two sounds that are dominating hip hop right now. The production and features were all picked to fit that sound. For CMDWN this is only the beginning.”

Riding high off the release of the album, CMDWN’s Ca$tro Guapo roosts in his ‘Rari with Chief Keef in “Roxanne,” CMDWN’s latest music video. Premiered by HYPEBEAST, the video finds Ca$tro, FIJI, and Keef counting cash, packing bowls, and riding around Los Angeles, painting a picture of the Collective’s late night lifestyle. A sinister and entrancing highlight from ATLANADA 2, “Roxanne” gained traction with the duo’s fans and premiered on L.A.’s Power 106 radio station last week.

In the past year, the duo struck gold with collaborations, recently sharing the Noisey-premiered “Hit & Run,” which features an appearance from Lil Wop,, and teaming with Lil Yachty for the party jam “The Way She Move.” While their fanbase pushes CMDWN profile to meteoric proportions, they have also received significant praise from their industry peers, receiving Instagram likes and DMs from Drake, winning a major fan in Lil Yachty, who has a CMDWN tattoo, and opening in recent months for the likes of 2 Chainz, Playboi Carti and Tory Lanez. Praised by Highsnobiety, PAPER Mag, Toronto NOW, and Noisey, among others, CMDWN Collective are an excellent bet to break out stateside on the strength of ATLANADA 2.

Watch “Roxanne” ft. Chief Keef:

ATLANADA 2 tracklist:

1. Strong
2. Roxanne ft. Chief Keef
3. Bermuda
4. WTF Is That ft. Key!
5. Miss Me
6. Pockets Full
7. Hit & Run ft. Lil Wop
8. Icey ft. Killy
9. Die In Supreme ft. Nessly
10. Paul Walker
11. Diamond Test ft. Pressa
12. Bool ft. Lil Berete
13. Lucky Charms
14. Gang Universe

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