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Published on October 24th, 2018 | by Jerry Doby


Video Premiere: SIA AMUN ‘Single AF’

SIA AMUN continues to wow us with her amazing vocals and creative visuals. From her prophetic 2015 breakout joint “We’re On The Rise” and cinematic visual for her 2017 hit “Private Reserve” SIA has delivered powerful stories supported by equally powerful vocals embedded in adventurous and compelling production. Earlier this year SIA dropped the musical treat “Single AF” which caught our Editor’s Pick tag this past April. Now we get to showcase the newly completed Single AF video directed by Sam Buquen! Check it out!

After introducing SIA to our audience a few years back, we needed to catch up on her moves and so got her to weigh in on a few things!

You made a move from LA to ATL, with the new surroundings, tell us about this refreshed version of the artist SIA AMUN!

Moving to Atlanta was a fresh start for me, it has allowed me to grow in so many different ways. I’m falling in love with SIA all over again, I’m no longer judging or basing things off of what/who I thought I wanted to be or what other people think. I cut and dyed my hair, took a break from smoking, I changed the way I eat and I feel brand new.

“Single AF” is that the new state of mind?

“Single AF” is just where I’m at in life right now and it’s not just me but so many other people. I get hit up every day like “Yo this is exactly how I feel” lol. I’m Single AF and it’s not a sad thing or a super proud thing, it’s just what is at the moment until further notice LOL.

2018 is near its conclusion, what’s on the slate for 2019, will we see you on some tour dates?!

Does time even exist anymore? I still can’t believe it’s almost over already smh. Touring is the plan for 2019, there are no set dates at the moment but let’s go ahead and put that out in the universe and manifest a big tour!

I’ve also been working on music non-stop so you can definitely expect more releases from me in 2019.

We are already seeing some unique changes in the musical landscape, what will you miss most musically about 2018?

I won’t necessarily miss anything about 2018, however, I am looking forward to what’s coming. I feel like 2019 could be the year for some of the best music we’ve heard in a while.

What is the one conversation you wish you’d had in 2018?

Well, it’s not over yet so, I would like to have that one conversation with that one (right) person that’s gonna change my life forever.

Who’s on your bucket list for a collab?

There are so many people I’d love to work with, The Migos are on fire right now so they are on the list for sure. Erykah Badu is special to me, that’s always gonna be a goal. Kendrick Lamar, Gunna, Cardi, etc.

ATL music culture is totally different from LA, what do you enjoy the most about the SE?

I love the culture here in general, I love the support of the city, It’s amazing to see and now be a part of. I hear songs on the radio playing in rotation that would never play in LA.

What musical journey do you have in mind for us in 2019?

I’ve really been opening up to new ideas and trying new things. I’m giving different sides of SIA AMUN in 2019. I noticed that a lot of my fans and people have this set perception of me and who they think I am and that’s because I’ve only shown one side, so I’m definitely giving more of myself and exploring more creatively outside of this box that I placed myself in.

If you were having a conversation with yourself about music, what might we hear?

Being the daughter of a Grammy-winning/Billboard charting artist, the bar was set very high for me at a young age, so you’d hear me telling myself to trust the process and judge less. To love what comes out of me regardless of what it is and to create freely.

Last but not least, The Hype Magazine wants to know what’s been your craziest “Where They Do That At?!” or WTF moment thus far in your young career?

I feel like I’m so fresh in my career still as an artist, other than having songs & ideas stolen from me by labels and people that I’ve worked close with I haven’t really experienced any real craziness


Twitter: @SIAAMUN


Website: https://www.siaamun.com

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