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Published on November 6th, 2018 | by Guest Editor


Pop Star Jahna Sebastian Releases Snippet of her New Single, ‘Choice To Be Free’

Global Superstar Jahna Sebastian releases the snippet to her impressive new single ‘Choice To Be Free,’ it is the second single off her upcoming project. She previously released ‘Day by Day,’ which is a continuation of her critically acclaimed album Legends On The Map. The London based singer/songwriter/producer and engineer released the album this past spring. The album featured her first single ‘Looking for Love’, her second single ‘Calling,’ and her third single ‘Life’ all three singles were well received by critics and fans alike. Legends On the Map was written, recorded, produced, performed and mixed by Ms. Sebastian at Multivizion Music. It is a one-woman project like her first album The Alchemist. Ms. Sebastian stated when talking about the new album, “It continues the story as I unfold my vision for the world to bring people together through music. It’s a conceptual album and every song is like a point in the map in a tale. It means that its time for people to co-create our history together and realize the potential and the legends are happening in real life as we speak.”

‘Choice To Be Free’ was written, recorded, produced, arranged, performed and mixed by Ms. Sebastian at her studio Multivizion Music. When asked about her new single Ms. Sebastian said, “The choice that you make within yourself every day to stay on your path, to stay true to your values, your soul. In the digital age there are many opinions, points of view on society, the key is to make a choice that based on what you really stand for. It is a time to be fearless and use the principle of the Universe, the freedom of choice. Another principle is what is to be historically for the best of humanity to live and continue into the Golden Age must be and that includes collective choice. Freedom also means responsibility, many people are asking for it, but it takes courage to acknowledge, that some people are still mentally enslaved. One also needs to not be afraid of those, who do stand up for freedom, of the strength that comes with it. It’s about making a choice that truly represents freedom.”

Ms. Sebastian’s captivating chorus lyrics to ‘Choice To Be Free’ read:

Would you want to be free
When freedom comes
Would you want to see
Heroes when it comes

Do you know if you ready
You’ve been asking for hope
Would you rather be standing
Would you go with the flow

Everybody wants to feel the changes
But you have to make the choice
It’s so easy to be standing and waiting
Making all the claims in the noise

Ms. Sebastian recently shot a glamorous photo shoot with designer A.P.A. London for the new collection. The shoot was shot by photographer Maurice Sparrow at his studio Castle Studies. With her natural beauty and grace, she shined and served breathtaking looks. She glowed in the two elegant emerald green gowns and elegant teal jacket. Her hair was styled by Anton Petrov Atanasov.

When asked for her comments regarding the concept of the photo shoot Ms. Sebastian said, “The green colour represents life and living, the energy of life through me, life that is the creative force and the power to breath life into human hearts. Love is manifestation of life through my music.”

Ms. Sebastian is currently working with talented Russian artist Ainur Timergaliev who did the artwork for her last two album covers, on an upcoming exhibition which will feature their works in art and music respectively. “The artwork represents being the connection on the crossroads where the world is at right at this point in history now between the East and the West, stated Ms. Sebastian.

‘Day By Day’

‘Legends On The Map’ on iTunes

To keep up with Jahna Sebastian check out her social networks below:

Twitter: @JahnaSebastian

Instagram: @JahnaSebastian
Instagram @multivizionmusic

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