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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Vera Hotsauce laments themes of abandonment on ‘let me show u what love is’ mixtape

Since her debut single earlier this year ‘Bottoms Up’, which gained recognition from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Hillydilly, Ja Ja Ja and many more, VERA HOTSAUCE returns with an added fiery epithet, aligned with newfound profound emotion from the 18-year-old’s songwriting style.

Differing with her previously described ‘cocky pop’ genre from the outspoken, brash and uncompromising R&B-Trap amalgam, Vera returns with a bittersweet embellishment on her sound and essence, dealing with themes of abandonment and exposure on her self-written mixtape ‘let me show u what love is’.

‘daddy’ is the focal point of the mixtape; spearheading the underlying sentiments behind the four-track record. In the heartfelt feat Vera laments lines like; ‘my sister, she’s looking just like me, even though I just met her like two times, that’s not how I wanted, so do you hear me and her when she’s crying, ‘cus I’m your daughter…’ The sincere core of the track is backed with impressive production, made up of vibrato bass hums with lullaby-like vocal melodies, pitch-bent into howls of anguish.

Title-track ‘let me show u what love is’ acts as a humbling round-off to the four-track mixtape. The positive tonalities of the track mirror Vera’s acceptance, as she looks forward from the heartache she’s lived through until now. It opens with samples of children playing and Vera’s lo-fi vocoded vocals, providing warmth and going on further to fuse with balmy bass patterns, making for a track that simply evolves, not following some set-pattern. As it continues to stack layers of instrumentation – new bits of life experience – we follow an interpretation that, despite the themes of the mixtape, the track might offer some solace to Vera’s pain.

Vera tells us how this mixtape is some of the most personal material she’s ever written: “It’s about a person that means very much to me that left a long time ago. This is not a celebration of him, this is not a statement that I need him in my life, this is something relatable for every f*cking kid in this world that’s been abandoned by a parent. I wanna tell all these kids with broken hearts that you gotta learn to fix yourself and that I know what you’re goin’ through. I also wanna tell my story, because there’s a lot of people that’ve only seen one side to my artistry. It’s my crappy past that has made me into who I am today.”

“The song daddy is extra important and beautiful to me. It’s a 100% true story and a message to the one that was my biggest hero and my biggest love when I was a kid. As I said, this mixtape is so so so beautiful and true to me, my life experiences have been a catalyst for this body of work.”

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