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Published on February 4th, 2019 | by Jason Bourne


Who Is: Jesus Piece

Known as a super creative music producer, Washington Heights native Jesus Piece has been making music on various levels for the last decade, and 2 years professionally.  His success includes numerous popular singles with URL’s Charlie Clips “Work The Middle,”  Lil SNS “The Struggle,” Neek Bucks (Mad Ciphas TV feature), Remo The Hitmaker, Maya Jae, and Youth Soul Love on Flight To Houston renditions.

Jesus Piece is looking towards the new year as a break out platform for his brand.  Starting with the release of the All Harlem Real Vibes compilation, Jesus Piece has co-mingled his forays into fashion & fitness to expand his awareness as a tastemaker and influencer.

Stay Tuned ! Follow @JesusPiece178

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