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Published on July 16th, 2019 | by Dr. William Harrison


Exploring Pixel – Eyewear for a Digital World

You are probably already familiar with computer glasses, you know, the pair that is sitting on your desk or night-stand, which are yellow with the yellow lenses and low transparency.  You would never be caught in public wearing those oversized and non-stylish frames; it’s just not a good look. Well, fret no more because, here comes Pixel Eyewear! Pixel offers a variety of styles perfect for everyone, whether you are putting in significantly long hours in front of a computer screen during the day or find yourself surfing the web, tweeting, and texting in the evenings.

Pixel Eyewear combines design and technology to create the 21st-century eyewear that reduces your eye strain & protects your eyes without sacrificing on style.

“I personally spend  12 to 14 hours a day staring at digital screens,” states Dr. William Harrison,”since wearing Pixel, my eye strain and headaches have been reduced to nothing.”

Traditional glasses are mostly designed for reading books, not computers. Pixel glasses are engineered to be virtually clear while delivering unparalleled protection and eye comfort, a must for anyone who must wear glasses for long periods of time. The lightweight frames and lenses Pixel employs takes into consideration the overall comfort of the wearer while delivering unparalleled clarity and eye relief during those marathon screentimes.

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