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Published on August 8th, 2019 | by Influencer


New Video “Dance with the Devil” Has Leeb Godchild Exploring His Dark Side

Growing up in a religious city gave rapper Leeb Godhcild one perspective on what “evil” means, but as he’s moved through the world and seen what people are forced to do to survive, his perspective has changed. Now he’s exploring this idea of evil in a new way on his latest single and video “Dance with the Devil.” As Leeb explains, “Philly is a real religious city so I learned about it very early on, but my household didn’t get real religious until I was already in high school. I used to think of the devil in the literal sense, but now he’s more of a concept to me… I always compare trappin with ‘dancing with the devil’—you know it can lead to worse things and it’s a major risk, but you still do it for the thrill and benefits…”

Leeb Godchild’s creativity was realized in this latest visual with the help of famed video director BenMarc, and the scenes with devilishly gorgeous women are no accident. “Women have had the ability to get men to do what they want from the beginning of time. So just knowing that, guys understand the power women have over their lives…and sometimes that can lead to much darker things,” explains Godchild. Peep the full video above and listen to “Dance with the Devil” on Apple Music below.

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