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Published on August 15th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Tania releases visuals for new track “By You”

Tania is a brand new artist ready to take the world by storm. Her very first single “Break Up To Make Up” got millions of streams and landed her in the top 20 of Billboards Dance Chart. Now she’s back with another smash “By You”:

“I’m excited for people to hear and kinda see a different side of me that I never really show. It’s a tough world out there when it comes to love and relationships. Women have needs too and I do fantasize about my own perfect world sometimes. “By You” really brings that out and focuses on that person that holds you down, that person you can’t live without.”

Tania Gallardo was born in Corona, California on March 26,1996. Her mom would host what became a traditional weekly karaoke night at their home, where a five year old Tania would first discover her true love; singing. Tania also attributes learning to read and write in both Spanish and English to these karaoke nights where she would be glued to the screen, inspired to learn the lyrics of her favorite songs. Tania began writing her own songs by the age of 8. Her first song ever written was about her father. That became a theme in Tania’s writing as she would express her feelings through experiences, good and bad by pouring her emotions into her music. Growing up Tania was heavily influenced by Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, The Killers, Michael Jackson, Demi Lovato & Paramore.

Tania attended the University of LaVerne where she majored in Business Administration. She had her mind set on becoming a lawyer and pursuing a career in music had become an unrealistic and distant dream. However, the passion for that dream was still present underneath the doubts imposed by everyday life. All it took was a conversation with a family friend who heard her sing and believed in her, to reignite the passion and pursuit for what she was born to do. The friend introduced Tania to some music contacts and suddenly she found herself immersed in her happiness of writing and singing songs in recording studios with the likes of Rico Love, Poo Bear and Eric Bellinger. Her very first single “Break Up To Make Up” got millions of streams and landed her in the top 20 of Billboards Dance Chart.

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