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Published on October 17th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


How Random is RNG in Slots?

The random number generator (RNG), a device that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols that can only be predicted by random chance and not by any other means. A dice, for example, is a manual random number generator, the dice is rolled and a random number from one to six appears. Rolling the dice in a particular way will not change the outcome of the number it gives – view more casino slots now.

RNG – the brains of the slot game 

Random number generators can often be deemed as the brains of the slot machine. Most players appreciate that there is a computer chip within the slot machine responsible for picking the numbers, however, not everyone knows how it works and understands it fully which can lead to misconceptions of the device. Similar to that of a progressive jackpot slot machine some people believe that the RNG is ran on a cycle and eventually will hit just as a progressive jackpot slot will eventually hit and pay out. Unfortunately a random number generator does not work like that.

How it randomizes online slots 

The random number generator is there only to create random numbers. It does this whether the machine is being played or not and it keeps repeating the process of generating random numbers several billions of hundreds times per second.  There is a level of confusion associated with Random Number Generators and slot machines and just how they work together. The misunderstanding is when players believe that they can just pull the handle of the slot machine and the machine will then generate random numbers and that then determines whether the player wins or not, however, in reality the random number generator supplies the machine with whatever set of random numbers it has last generated as it doesn’t stop generating random numbers regardless of if a player is playing the machine or not, the RNG will carry on creating numbers.

Slot players can’t influence RNG 

In terms of the slot machine a random number generator means that the game doesn’t react to how a player has won before. There is no formula and what worked in a previous game and landed a win doesn’t mean it will work again. No matter what the player does during the game nothing will affect the processes or the outcome and the numbers that are generated in a purely random manner. However, the only level of certainty on a slot machine is that of the symbols. The player is aware of the symbols the slot machine game is going to throw at them but doesn’t know the sequence of when and how nor can the player predict the pay out of the game regardless of the player’s historical wins or losses with the game. Being familiar with the symbols won’t help the player win either; it just gives them a little more knowledge of the game. The hit frequency and pay out rate are set and also cannot be changed. Whether it is perceived as good or bad the random number generator is exactly that.  Random.


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