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Published on November 14th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Aussie Indie Gems Mona Visa Unleash Ethereal Debut

Dreamy, ethereal and full of raw emotion, ‘Peter Pan’ is the debut single to come from new duo Mona Visa… and what a way to make an entrance.

Hailing from the Australian Gold Coast, it is easy to assume brother and sister Jake and Ashleigh have led carefree lives, but this isn’t the case. A life that led to substance addiction, turbulent relationships and a consuming need to escape reality, the Aussie siblings had tasted the underworld. Taking a near death experience for the duo to turn their lives around, Jake and Ashleigh threw themselves into music; resulting in a sound more powerful than most.

Inspired by the whirlwind the duo were lost in, ‘Peter Pan’ is achingly poignant, yet life affirming all the same. With the lyrics;

“fell down the rabbit hole, there is no wonderland”


This song comes a lot from drug abuse and the underworld of the artist. I’m talking about that place you get to internally when you are addicted to the rush and the thrill; whatever it may be. I see this track as my own personal call to action; it’s me saying, ‘no more’. I knew if I kept living the way I was, I was choosing an early death.” 


“For me as a musical artist and writer, I’m looking for a place to run to. I tried for so long to drown myself in alcohol and substances to numb past pain and ended up only creating a false reality, which consistently came crashing down on me.” 

Combining their experiences Mona Visa’s tracks are heart heavy but glistening with life. Recorded with ARIA award winning producer Govinda Doyle (Angus & Julia Stone; Big Jet Plane), ‘Peter Pan’ has set the bar high for this new indie power duo.




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