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Published on November 24th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Grain Artworxz art platform by Mike

Grain Artworxz

Grain Artworxz art platform was created by a magnificent creative artist. Each visual tells a story about our lives, personal thoughts, and emotions. These pictures were made to help us heal from our social issues created by our environment and poverty. Mike’s primary goal is to bring all cultures together as one.

M.E.S apparel was also created to help people’s brains move in the direction of “How To” instead of “Why” when it comes to resolving some of our generation’s worse problems.

Although Mike is an artist, he believes change is necessary. He wants to see more women being empowered, improvement in our legal justice system and wants to see the legalization of weed. He knows the power it has to heal our people.

Instagram: @itsamesnyc

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