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Published on February 14th, 2020 | by Claire Casey


A Hundred Drums Aligns Heartbeats This Valentine’s Day

This has been a big year for Denver-based producer Gabrielle Watson, aka A Hundred Drums. Earlier, she was announced for Friday at Bassnectar’s Freestyle Sessions along with upcoming performances at Ubbi Dubbi, Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, and more shows. On February 14, she released her self-titled album on Gravitas Recordings.

Once you understand the backstory to A Hundred Drums, this Valentine’s Day release makes much more sense and is a great symbolization of what A Hundred Drums represents. A Hundred Drums’s name goes way beyond just “100 drums.” “A Hundred” was chosen for its wholesomeness, and the drums are representative of hearts that are beating in sync. A Hundred Drums inspires to align heartbeats to the BPM of music, creating unity. Accomplishing her goal to align heartbeats to the BPM, A Hundred Drums displays her wide array of instrumental talents and genre diversity, derailing from her usual deep dubstep sounds.

Named appropriately in honor of her passion project, “Shakti Sound” guides listeners towards a melodic, worldly introduction that soon encounters mysterious 808s. A Hundred Drums showcases her signature hand drums, which are soon merged with a bubbly, experimental soundscape in “Circles” before James Xavier sings of a wicked fire flame. Continuing down the dark and daunting road, A Hundred Drums tells the haunted tale of the “Boogie Man” through a driving bassline and eerie, hair-raising whispers. “Psy.Area” incorporates cascading psytrance as psychedelia is gradually synchronized into the track. Featuring A Hundred Drums’s first official collaboration with fellow Denver artist Templo, “Apex” rides the wave through a cave of metallic beats. Vibe.Emissions “Circles” back to offer a remix of the aforementioned song, incorporating various deep dubstep rhythms and textures. To conclude the A Hundred Drums release, Leon Switch remixes “Lord of Tings (feat. Jayne Gray)” into a seductive acoustic atmosphere, urging you to look into the Earth in your mind and amputate the bliss. Donate or download the album for free here, maybe grab a beanie or shirt while you’re at it!

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