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Published on March 31st, 2020 | by Hype Mag Staff


Samantha Patten Reveals Soulful Debut EP ‘Saved For Somebody’

At a time where many music releases are being held in limbo, Samantha Patten finds strength in debuting her 7-track project, ‘Saved for Somebody’. For the singer, the creation and consumption of art during her isolation has been both a great release and sense of escape.

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Executive produced alongside her longtime friend/producer Matt Fredette, ‘Saved For Somebody’ is a sonically smooth, healing memento  with a whole lot of soul.

The first track on the project “Cliffhanger” (produced by Mixtape Seoul) is a drunken confession to a past love and is where the EP title was born: “Turns out you were holding back your better side for somebody else / A whole half of yourself saved for somebody”. 

Although the songs on the project were written from places of heartbreak, frustration and confusion, the creative process has been Patten’s way of healing from unhealthy relationships.

“With this project I want people to be able to connect and reflect on situations that were not meant for them… Things may not be working out with others for a variety of reasons but that’s okay. Your person is out there and may even be right in front of your face,” says Patten. “Your so-called “person” may even be staring back at you in the mirror everyday.”

Samantha Patten is an emerging R&B/pop artist and songwriter from Bristol, Connecticut that currently resides in Jersey City, NJ. She recently walked away from one of the top record labels in the world to embark on her own independent musical journey and follow her true purpose. Since 2017 she’s released 5 singles along with two self-produced music videos “Home Alone” and “I Care”. Patten’s rise is just beginning but each release introduces us to another dimension of her sound- pure, distinct and emotionally nuanced.

Listen to ‘Saved For Somebody’ here:

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