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Published on May 16th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Eddie Jones Feels Himself In “I’m On”

Atlanta crooner Eddie Jones releases a short but vividly appealing video for the single “I’m On” off his last project, 921. Shot by Naphti Productions, the visual is a bright, vibrant mixture of pleasing graphic effects and bright lights, which galvanizes the star power Eddie Jones has reciting the lyrics to the video. 

He recently took a brief hiatus from music due to personal reasons, Eddie is more grateful than ever to return to music. The specific reason why he chose to return with a video for “I’m On” is because he rebuilt his confidence to reassure himself that he’s a star! 

“These past few months took a toll on me mentally. Without music, I had nowhere to go. I’m just so glad I can return and focus on my craft.” – Eddie Jones 

Now in the right place in life, Eddie Jones is back on the music scene, making your latest potential pop and R&B hits. To watch the newest video, you may view it on YouTube.

“I want to be a successful singer because I wake up and sleep thinking about music. Music has had such a substantial impact on my life and my everyday interactions. I have had a burning passion for singing since I was only thirteen years old. Even at that age, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Some people would quit after or a year or two once they see that their music is not taking off yet, but I have dedicated my life to this Dream. I have even quit jobs in the past solely to work on my music. When you do what you love, money comes second to passion. – Eddie Jones 

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