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Exclusive Facebook Event for CPN Subscribers: Reggae Sensation Pressure Busspipe


Reggae superstar Pressure Busspipe from the US Virgin Islands


This event is the commercial launch of CPN’s exclusive paid supporter service that enables global fans to see both live and pre-recorded events exclusive to most free content on Facebook. A select few artists have been chosen to start this new service where they can earn and share part of the revenue earned by CPN so artists can now make a living and have their own channels on an innovative network on top of the Facebook platform.

Pressure Busspipe Event –  Exclusive Facebook event for CPN subscribers 


Takes place on Friday May 15th 2020 at 8pm EDT




Since 2019 Carlos Romero has been working with the Facebook platform to create a network capable of having more than one channel similar to how TV networks have multiple and remote channels.

Not only is that possible but a supporters paid system was worked out with Facebook to support the network rather than showing advertising on the content. This feature allows CPN to work with artists like Pressure Busspipe especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and put on inexpensive concerts via remote networks and get compensated like a regular show by receiving shares of the supporter revenue.

Not only is revenue created for artists, but CPN is a social responsibility network and during this event has designated it to work with the Salvation Army COVID-19 initiative and donate a portion to COVID-19 programs in the United State and Jamaica as a start.


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