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Published on June 22nd, 2020 | by Guest Editor


NOTHING BOGU$ ABOUT IT: June 24th Annalise Azadian drops BOGU$

Fiercely independent twenty-two-year-old Annalise Azadian is articulating her artistic vision in her new solo project Six Weeks of 7. Her first single and video BOGU$ is out NOW.

Bogus [boh-guhs] adjective: not genuine or true, spurious, fake or lame; Annalise uses this double entendre as an embodiment of an emotional vulnerability of hers. With lyrics like “the grass ain’t always greener on the other side” she insinuates that what you may think things to be, aren’t always as expected. The truth is a hard pill to swallow, along with ego and pride which in fact is BOGU$!

Annalise is a dynamic young artist determined to make her music imprint and get noticed. Her creativity shines in her self-directed biographical film with 7 songs written and performed by Annalise making this her most comprehensive music project yet. This beautiful cinematic masterpiece shows her versatility and creativity both in song and in visual. The entire project built over six months on a budget of under $1000 goes to show how Annalise’s determination and originality surpasses all expectations. Following the release of BOGU$, Annalise will drop a new single and short-film each Thursday for the next six weeks culminating in a 17-minute biographical short film on August 7th.

Annalise is a singer “soulwriter” whose music encapsulates a unique genre-blending sound with a soulful touch of pop, a wink of jazz and a flash of street sound. Her poetic songwriting threads stories with the rawness, grit and imaginative lyrics that take you through a spirited imagistic journey. Her unique vocal tone is distinctive and impossible to miss.

Living in New York City, Annalise possesses a perspective on culture, art and creativity with a panoramic perspective of a young woman with dreams and talent. There is truly nothing BOGU$ about Annalise’s raw talent.


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