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Published on July 9th, 2020 | by Rive


Atlanta Rising Artist, Mondo Delivers a Melodic and Rhythm Driven Hit With “Right Now”

Mondo is a rising Rwandan artist in the Atlanta area, His name derives from his birth name “Armando” which translates to solider in German. Mondo’s project Impala — took 2 years to make after a near death experience and he recorded in multiple cities across the country like Houston, Atlanta, Grand Rapids, Los Angeles and more. The intro Right Now is a standout track because it’s a great way to kick off a project and gives off melodic alternative rap/pop vibes.

Rising artist Mondo’s given name is Armand, a German name that translates to “soldier” which for him, is perfect. Mondo is a fighter for all things he believes in and people he loves. His family moved to America as refugees from Rowanda during the genocide in 1998 and they lived in Atlanta on Cleveland Ave, and it wasn’t until they could get into the swing of things when the family realized how dangerous the area and moved to Gwinnett. Mondo wasn’t alone, with an older brother and 3 younger siblings to soon follow. Growing up was hard but his mom made sure she did everything she did to keep her family happy.

In 2005, the father of his two youngest siblings died and the family found out about it on the news. His mother was alone again and she had go in overdrive to take care of all 5 of her kids. Mondo didn’t get to see his mother as often but found comfort in music. He watched BET and MTV every day because I wanted to be like the stars I saw on TV. Listening to artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay Z and OutKast really inspired him to be great. His freshman year of high school he had a chance to record his first songs with some upper class men and he knew from that day that he was going to be a big recording artist before anyone. They went their separate ways during the school year which left him with nowhere to record so he decided to sell some of my retro sneakers to buy a Audio‑Technica AT2020 Microphone. Nothing was going to keep him from making music, and Mondo made a makeshift studio and taught himself how to mix and master in Mixcraft for the whole summer. One day his mother said God called her to Michigan and moved all of them to Grands Rapids, MI on a whim. The mid west really adopted Mondo and took him in as their own. He helped a lot of local artists put together their first songs in his home studio.

Over the years, Mondo made a his impact on the city by throwing parties, exhibitions, concerts and performances. Mondo performed at SXSW twice by 2017 and been on numerous line ups w/ stars such as 21 Savage, Sir Michael Rocks and the list goes on. On May 9th 2017 he got into a car crash and almost lost his life. Feeling numb and empty, Mondo heard a voice inside his head, almost like God saying that it was time for a change and that he needed to move. That day he told his landlord he was moving, and by the end of the month he packed everything and moved back to Atlanta alone to heal and work on his album. Being around genuine love really helped Mondo let go of all the pain he was going through. Since he’s been back in the south Mondo has  put in 110% making my debut album “IMPALA” . In the past 2 years he’s had the chance to record it all over the US in cities like Houston, Atlanta, Grand Rapids, and Los Angeles and more.

At the start of 2019, Mondo launched his clothing line “Can’t Lose Militia”. You can check out Mondo’s first Album Impala and his first CL7 Collection out now.


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