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Published on August 7th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


Premiere: Brooklyn Rapper Da-Neek Releases Video For Single “We The Wave”

Brooklyn Hip-Hop Artist Da-Neek just dropped a powerful new music video for his new single “We The Wave.”  The concept behind this video touches on the currently relevant topic today of police brutality and systemic racism that is felt by people of color across the United States.

In the music video for “We The Wave,” Da-Neek has recreated an, unfortunately, “normal” interaction between a young black male and the police and in turn shows us how he would help to deescalate the situation. In the music video, Da-Neek is seen walking with friends by a young man being wrongfully harassed and choked by a police officer.  When Da-Neek sees this in his community he immediately stops to take action and can be heard instructing onlookers who were filming, to stop and help. Then Da-Neek turns to the police officer and has a brief powerful conversation with the officer. Da-Neek starts by saying things such as, “Do you have a son…how would you feel if your son was treated like that?” which diffuses the way the officer was reacting. In the end, due to Da-Neek and his friend’s help, the situation is resolved, and the officer apologizes for his actions.  Though this is a great example of how one can try and handle these kinds of situations, the overall scene in the music video brings light to the racial injustice and discrimination that people of color feel in our society on daily bases when dealing with police.  When asked about how he wants people to feel after watching the video, Da-Neek says, “My hope is that this video shows that if you see something don’t just film it, step in and help.  I ask you this…if you saw a police officer choking a five-year-old what would you do?”

Da-Neek has a history in the Brooklyn rap scene releasing numerous singles, videos, freestyles and mix tapes over the years that have garnered him great buzz from fans all across the city. Recently, Da-Neek took part in fellow Brooklyn rapper Casanova’s “So Brooklyn” challenge where De-Neek like others made his claim as to why he is so uniquely Brooklyn.  Brooklyn and the people of his community are very important to Da-Neek. That love and passion to help community can be heard in lyrics like “That’s why we out here, just trying to save lives and make a difference.”  This message of community is one that can be seen throughout a majority of Da-Neek’s lyrics as he uses his talent and position as a rapper to shed light on injustices faced by his community, and in turn bring positive change to those around him.


For More Information on Da-Neek 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/daneekstar/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Daneekstar/

YouTube-  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCva67PxHpPFri5tA5SnI5lw

SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/daneek-star

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