Published on October 22nd, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


2.7 Billion People Are Gamers – Why?

The world’s population stands at 7.8 billion, the biggest the planet has ever seen. Currently, 2.7 billion people class themselves as gamers. Almost 50% of Earth’s citizens will combine to spend more than $164bn in 2020, an eye-watering figure. It’s even more impressive when you consider how far the industry has grown in the last ten years. At the beginning of the 1940s, the first-ever example of a game console was played by 50,000 people. Today, 42% of Americans are gamers, and 80% of US households have access to a console. The rise has been dramatic, but what has been behind the push? 

Lack of Exclusivity   

As the industry has developed, there are features that even the most hardcore gamers never imagined would exist. The main one is the accessibility of games. Users don’t require a console to spend time blowing off steam and connecting with friends. The hobby is not only a stress-reliever but an affordable one since there’s no reason to splash out hundreds of dollars on expensive games and consoles. Mobile technology is only expected to heighten the trend, as the online casino sector showcases. The industry focuses on mobile offerings more than any other market because it understands the link between inclusivity and revenues, which is why it’s valued at $59bn and has 1.6 billion yearly users. Online live dealer games at Leovegas are prime examples of how casinos are flocking to mobile tech and using it to capture more customers. The company won mobile operator of the year at the 2020 EGR Nordic Awards, highlighting how a commitment to inclusivity is financially rewarding since nearly 70 percent of iGaming turnover is generated via a mobile device.  

More Streaming Options  

Streaming isn’t only available on TV. Although the likes of Netflix dominate the industry, gaming developers have noticed the importance of streaming options and are starting to offer extra features. The latest is the xCloud. It will be included within the Xbox Series X when released, allowing users to save campaigns and continue on any device, from traditional consoles to Android phones and tablets. Products are hassle-free because they are downloadable in minutes and don’t require travel to stores to pick up a hard copy, encouraging people to try gaming products and services. As Business Insider points out, the biggest indicator is that physical video game sales are down by 63%.  

The User Experience  

There’s no doubt that the user experience is better today than at any other period in gaming history. Players expect everything from 3D games and graphics to in-game purchases that allow them to open up new areas of games and explore the map. Developers even sync technologies to ensure that a console is practical and multifaceted. For example, the latest PlayStation and Xbox hardware let owners watch TV programs or listen to music via their console.  

Gaming is incredibly popular because there are fewer borders to break down, such as the financial cost and lack of accessibility, due to mobile tech and streaming software. As a result, the user experience is unparalleled and is only expected to improve. 


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