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Published on February 26th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Rising Star Malik Row?

Malik Row is a young hip-hop artist originally from Columbus, Ohio now based out of South Florida. Before settling in Florida he also put in some time pursuing his dream in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

On his official debut single for indie label MECAP, which is helmed by his cousin, Sid “Uncle Jamz” Johnson, Row enlists some singing on the hook from labelmate Damon Karl. The song “Watchers!” is a matter-of-fact warning to everyone that they watch you on social media. in your hoods, at your job, on your computer, on your phone, so one has to learn to move in silence, as Row, says, “Break the cyclez”. Late Spring or early Summer it’s projected he will have an album project.

While we wait on the album, his other creative work, a comic book, BREAKING CYCLEZ: INVERTED NOIR was released this February and can be purchased via his website.

The music video for “Watchers!” was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Hype Magazine got Malik Row to weigh in on a few things to give us some insight on what makes him tick what music means to him and what he wants listeners to get from his music. We also get him to pick a joint from his body of work that he would use to introduce himself as an artist!

From the outside looking in, who is the artist Malik Row?

Malik Row is an all around Artist, outside myself I feel I project a FEEL GOOD, creative energy, like a positive persistence.

That through any scenario I showcase the ability to elevate and adapt to any situation to apply my Art, Breaking The CycleZ.

Was there a defining moment that brought you to the music industry?

The defining moment for me was honestly living in Los Angeles working on Music and Photography, doing so allowed me to see any aspect of success and any goal is achievable when plotted correctly, being persistent, patient and PREPARED! A moment where I messed up an audition for Capital Records not understanding punctuality and being of sound word, prepared. Making sure I’m always ready now even in moments of surprise.

What do you find most satisfying about making music?

The most satisfying thing to me is three things, the initial process of the idea, laying down melodies (in memo pad) or choosing production, to the recording process, and finally the showcasing of the product is the number one thing for me. I like to see the connections to the audiences for each record, that’s the ultimate goal, ensuring we create vibes that last for the people we do it for.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in experiences and everyday life, from conversations to movies it can come at any moment honestly. I believe that’s a talent to not only let your environments influence your inspiration but the power of also being able to influence the inspiration alone with the work created is where it cycles back around.

Tell us about your current project and what it means for you?

My current Project is an outside introspective perspective of life today and what we deem is apart or growth in the culture. From Watchers! Being a live testament to exactly what we live, but what we are all slowly becoming. Not only from our cell phones, to social media, to government and politics. The Watchers! Are everywhere it’s just a factor of staying low, quiet and keeping your life in private if you truly want The Watchers! To stay at bay. Breaking CycleZ: Inverted Noir is my Comic Book about a Samurai named Samurai Row, he is on a path not only to Break The CycleZ of his family but to help the people chained to the ways of life deemed “Normal” that people are trying to span from. Samurai Row takes you into a mind and soul bending journey! The take to Break The CycleZ, do you have the gumption to break the chains bound to you? Breaking CycleZ, a phrase profound and provocative at the same time! What will you do to Break the CycleZ?!

If you had to pick one song from your body of work that best introduces you to a new listener what would it be?

It would have to be Breaking CycleZ, this record not to be cliche but completely fits my mode of perspective for this project. It not only brings the full perspective for everyone, it showcases what I want to embody as an Artist, one to Break CycleZ. Show and prove new and different lanes exist, as long as you create it!

What do you want listeners to get from your music?

I mainly want people to get persistence and perseverance from my music. Not only we need a Push out of gravity or things that may be deemed to hold us down or back. At the same time we need to Break CycleZ that may be holding us in the same position. Anything is possible not only because you can speak on it, but if it’s an idea that’s already happened, I feel my music is the guidance to finding that in yourself.

Outside of music what are your passions?

My passions outside of music are Writing, watching and studying Film for ideas and going outside mainly (Fishing, Driving, Hikes, Etc.) After locking in for long periods of time to create and produce everything from Music to Graphics to Merchandise and Comics, the best thing for me that I’m extremely passionate about is being Active. We only have one life and it’s meant to be lived.

What’s been your funniest WTF moment thus far in your career?

The funniest WTF moment of my life is not knowing my own Blood Cousin Uncle Jamz growing up, until being introduced by my 96 year old Great Grandmother connecting the dots after realizing my passion in the entertainment industry. Connecting with him for the first time to not only have a WTF moment of deja vu hit me when he shows me all the songs and artists. In which were the reasons I grew and started to love the industry and showbiz, is because of his mind and hands being involved in a lot of those very projects. Not only brought a WTF moment but a moment of realization that I followed my destiny and path, making my passion stronger and more in depth for a purpose of legacy!

The most important thing for us to know about you is…?

The most important thing I want people to know about me, is I am working to not only show my peers a new lane and path of success but also showing them how to Break The CycleZ not only in entertainment, but in the fact of being Human and making the changes we all desire to progress and elevate. I’m all about connection, my passion in my art and music is to build more connections and positive long term connections that bring growth for not only the culture that saved our lives but truth.

Where can we find you online?

My official Website is Https://ivileagueapparel.com

Twitter Https://twitter.com/realmalikrow

Instagram Https://instagram.com/realmalikrow

Facebook Https://facebook.com/officialmalikrow

YouTube Https://youtube.com/MalikRow

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