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Who Is Singer and Actress Mychole Starr?

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Mychole Anderson, professionally known as Mychole Starr, is an American singer, writer-composer, and actress. Starr is known for her unconventional character, along with her beautiful and soulful voice and powerful lyrics.

Starr began her musical career by singing at open mic events, school musicals, and the church choir. She studied singing and dance at the Larry Cervi School of Performance Arts. Following this, she attended Pittsburgh High School for Creative and Performing Arts. Following high school, she moved to Washington D.C. to pursue her dream of becoming a professional musician.

After a brief hiatus from the music scene, she co-wrote the hit single ‘Personal Freak,’ which features legendary rapper Twista. In March 2020, Starr decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue her musical career. She met her CEO and producer, Vincent ‘Young Billionaire’ Higgins, and signed with Six Feet Entertainment.

Starr has been featured on BET Jams, MTV Jams, Sirius XM Radio, Music Choice, and many other major musical media. Starr has appeared at many musical concerts and has opened for some of the most popular artists in the industry, including Fabolous, Jill Scott, K Michelle, and Tory Lanez.

The full interview with The Hype Magazine and Mychole Starr can be seen below.

Mychole Starr’s sensual voice and daring words will catch your eye. Stay tuned for her upcoming single and album entitled ‘JADED,’ which will highlight R&B 2021.

Hype: Talk about the moment you were inspired to be an artist?

Mychole Starr: If I’m honest, there wasn’t ever really an “exact moment.” It’s been “eat, sleep and breathe” music since I can remember. Growing up, we had an organ on our front porch; I couldn’t play it that well, but I’d make up chords and songs as a young girl. I always knew music was IT for me; it’s an undying love. I started writing poetry and songs in 4th grade, and I still remember the first song I ever wrote because I ended up singing it at a wedding a few years later.

Hype: How did your time in school musicals and the church choir help your creative spirit when it comes to music?

Mychole Starr: Growing up, Pentecost had the biggest influence on me musically. The passion, the expression, the love of God put into music. That’s where you hear the “Soulful” sound transferred in my original music. As for school musicals and musical theater in general, that’s where you get the stage presence and all-around “entertainment” aspect. I’d say both of these helped to mold me into a pretty diverse and yet well-rounded artist.

Hype: Can You talk about your time studying dancing and voice training at Larry Cervi’s School of Performing Arts?

Mychole Starr: Larry Cervi’s performing arts school had a HUGE impact on me as a performer. Working with other singers and dancers, performing at venues I normally wouldn’t, meeting many talented professionals to help me further whatever entertainment career I’d choose to pursue. Not only did it better me as an artist/performer, it also helped with social skills and relationship building. Dealing with so many diverse individuals from all walks of life who share the same love for the arts was a life-changing experience.

Hype: You also wrote the hit record “Personal Freak” featuring Twista. What was that process like for you?

Mychole Starr: Personal Freak was an awesome song to be a part of. I got a call about doing the hook for the song, but they hadn’t come up with anything and didn’t have a concept in mind. I had them send the blank track over to me to see what I could come up with. Once I heard the track, I instantly knew what I wanted to say, and that’s where “Personal Freak” came about. I knew Lua Proc and Twista would relate to it and deliver as they always do. The song was put into rotation on Sirius XM, BET, MTV, and Music Choice, and everyone that’s heard it had taken a liking to the catchiness.

Hype: You have an album and the single Jaded “JADED” can you share the backstory on the single and the project itself?

Mychole Starr: JADED! Yes! The Album Jaded has been in the works for about a year now. The single came about as most songs with similar subject matter lol, A Breakup. I was able to take all of the pain and disappointment and put it into a song, and that’s where we came up with the title. Once we continued working and more emotions came out, we decided to title the album Jaded as well, it best describes the content we are working on.

Hype: Can we expect any notable feature on the project?

Mychole Starr: As for features, there are a few, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you will most definitely have to get the album to find out, lol.

Hype: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Mychole Starr: Who would I like to work with? I’m an R&B lover, fanatic at that. With that being said, I most definitely wouldn’t mind an August Alsina feature; I really love her voice and feel like you really feel her emotions through her music. I’m also a Kiana Ledé fan and would love to work with Lucky Daye and Sam Smith as well.

Hype: Do you plan on venturing into other aspects of the entertainment business?

Mychole Starr: I’m a drama queen; I’ve always been dramatic and outgoing, so to limit myself to just music would be wasting my other talents. I write short stories, and I’d love to eventually turn them into movies that I could BE THE “STARR” of, lol. Having a musical theater background gives that triple threat aspect that I wouldn’t mind expounding on. I’m also an MUA, so I’d like to start my own makeup line eventually.





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