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Published on July 1st, 2021 | by Al Geiner


Money Rod – Money

Miami rapper Money Rod drops off his latest single “Money.”  This single samples The O’Jay’s 1974 classic “For The Love of the Money.” When speaking  about the single Rod say, “‘Money’ is the perfect introduction of me to the world. I’ve been  called a money winner since I was a youngin’ so it’s only right that my first record be  called Money.”  

Directed by Lef of Silverspoon Films, this music video has that raw feel that Miami was known  for in the 80’s. Where Money Rod exchanges his signature dreads and Givenchy drip, for a  starch pressed suit and afro. Feeling as if we stepped into Netflix’s Narcos, this is what the city  that Money Rod called home for his entire had the essence of. A city where cash and power were  king, and nothing would get into the way of that.  

In the coming months Money Rod will be releasing a full length project, titled Money  Power  Respect. The reasoning for this title Rod says, “These are three things [Money, Power, and  Respect] that everyone coming from my background is fighting for.” Expect the world to catch  on to the vision soon, as South Florida has been a breeding ground for a lot of artists as of recent,  Money Rod being one of them. 

Money Rod was born and raised   in Miami, Florida and was drawn   to music at a young age. Growing  up Money Rod’s mom was one of  his biggest motivations. He  admired her strength as he  watched her survive and prevail  in the midst of poverty, domestic  struggles, and being a mom  through it all. Her will to keep  pressing forward motivated  Money Rod to find his own way  to impact and take care of others.  Writing lyrics and creating music  became an outlet from life’s  darkest moments. Money Rod  lost his God brother, who was  one of his best friends, tragically  a few years ago. This loss  triggered a deeper grind in his  artistry.  Money Rod’s hustler’s mentality  was inspired by Miami native  Trick Daddy and other legendary artists like 2Pac, Master P, and Jay Z; so in 2007, he made a  decision to pursue his rap career full time. He’s studied under some of the industry’s greatest  business minds, polished his sound, and now is ready to put everything into play on the world’s  stage.  


Instagram: @MoneyRod305

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