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A Celebration Honoring the Legacy of Alfredo Bowman aka Dr. Sebi

Sebi’s Daughters Present “The Honduran Experience” on August 7, 2021, from 1-6 pm EST in Atlanta, GA at the Sebi’s Daughters Wellness Center (675 Metropolitan Pkwy, Suite 4008, Atlanta, GA 30310.) The Honduran Experience is a holistic healing experience hosted by Sebi’s Daughters, founded by daughter Kellie Bowman, as a way of offering a glimpse into the history of world-renowned herbalist and healer, Alfredo Bowman, aka Dr. Sebi, and his family. This celebration is designed to not only honor the legacy of Dr. Sebi but also to give people the opportunity to step back in time to the bush of Honduras where Dr. Sebi started his journey as a healer. The aspiration of this interactive experience is to leave people with a newfound natural voice, building their understanding of how healthy lifestyle choices stimulate healing. In addition to this interactive experience, Sebi’s Daughters will launch a new line of products including Sebi Sicles, a wellness popsicle, and Candy Butter, a hair and body moisturizer. The Honduran Experience will kick off on August 6th with a private pre-launch celebration featuring a special performance by 9x Grammy-nominated artist TANK, followed by the Sebi’s Daughters grand opening on August 7th, welcoming the public to enjoy this experience.

This celebration will sentimentally honor the legacy of Dr. Sebi’s work in the healing world, echoing numerous entertainers and celebrities that have followed his teachings, including Michael Jackson, Nipsey Hussle, John Travolta and many more.

Kellie has continued her father’s legacy of holistic healing by working with clients such as Grammy Award Winning Artist, Monica, who stated “Some things happen by chance but for me, meeting Kellie Bowman was a blessing! It was predestined by the most high for us to meet, and for her to help me learn to live a healthier life! Her ability to speak wellness efficiently is very carefully placed into her products. They’ve allowed me to maintain my blood pressure and keep my health (and my families health) during one of the scariest times in our country. She’s not just the daughter of a great, she is a great that’s passionate about people living long healthy lives, and for that we stand with her.”

When asked about the upcoming celebration, Kellie commented, “This holistically healing experience is my way of offering a glimpse into our family history, the discovery of where it all began for my father. The goal is to take people on a natural journey through the Bush of Honduras to cultivate an experience that will lead them to the most natural voice inside of them, elevating their understanding of how health stimulates the senses for healing”

The Hype Magazine got a few moments with Kelli to discuss the upcoming event and the continuation of Dr. Sebi’s philosophies and proven healing methods via Sebi’s Daughter and their Honduran Experience! Tune in below:

Sebi’s Daughters seeks to educate people on the importance of whole foods and intracellular cleansing, along with learning how to eat and build more nutritious meals. Currently, the product line focuses on a lifestyle of healing, cleansing, and nourishing the body at the cellular level. Sebi’s Daughters invites the world to join the “eating to live” journey as they celebrate the legacy of their late father. They strive to highlight the “celebrities of the garden” by providing beneficial foods from around the world. Additionally, Sebi’s Daughters’ products provide immediate access to whole foods and a daily allowance of plants and herbs that incorporates a balanced nutritional plan for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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