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Published on August 25th, 2021 | by Jimmy Star


Forging a New Wave of Impact, Influence and Income With Women Gone Wild

Amidst a World of uncertainty and chaos, one group of women have found transcendent clarity of purpose.
They are fearless.
They are liberated.

They are rising.



The newly awakened, wonderful and truly conscious Leader, Rhonda Swan, is at the heart of this cadre, bringing 22 conscious female leaders together to create

‘The Feminine Guide to Fearless Living’.

Their stories weave like a golden thread through every Chapter, captivating and inspiring the reader to find her own certitude.

‘Women Gone Wild’ is more than a book. It is a compilation of intentional stories that inspire emotion-enlisting conversation.’

Ondi Laure, one of the co-authors of the WGW cadre. Ondi is a Best Selling Author and survivor of a childhood accident, the ramifications of which had the potential to echo through the rest of her life. She was consequently told that she would never amount to someone who would change the world.
Ondi has since proven that to be monumentally inaccurate, and continues to change the world one reader at a time.

Swan had been working on the WGW project for more than 12 months, without a definite launch date in mind. It wasn’t until her recent awakening and deep connection with her own divine femimine, that she came to the realisation, that the time was NOW.

‘My 5 days in the Bali hinterland, was my greatest awakening!
With no distractions, I was raw and one with nature.
I was on a water fast, with zero amenities, other than a three walled hut and a bed.
I sat with myself giving gratitude to Mother Earth.
Connecting with The Creator, truly allowed the layers to start unfolding and my inner wisdom to come through loud and clear.’

Rhonda knew just the souls for the WGW, these healers, teachers, mothers and thought leaders who have freed themselves from the ordinary and chosen the exceptional.

Each one of these women deeply recognize the impact they are here to have on the world and have consciously chosen to unhook from the constraints of a male dominated world to blaze their own wildly free path to pure possibility. In each Chapter, you will be taken into their world and invited to re-write your own path to living fearlessly.

Lilith Moon is one of those women. With her son by her side, she recently moved into the Balinese Jungle to be closer to nature and live an emancipated life, while continuing to build her 6 Figure Business.
‘I witness thousands of women awakening to their calling as healers, creating a ripple effect of love and light that goes out into the world, helping to shift our collective vibration, so that we can heal and rise together’

In this book you will learn to rediscover yourself, through inner exploration, and embracing your shadows, to gain the courage to exit the heavy masculine construct, currently keeping women suppressed.

‘In the many stages of my career, I found myself in a male dominated environment. In order to be heard, to be of service and not to be overshadowed, I would channel action-activated masculine energy, often at the cost of my own femininity.’

Kathi Gibson is a Mom of two and very successful business woman. Through her journey with Shamanic Medicine and deep self discovery, she now delivers a unique approach to her Consulting Clients using spiritual and holistic mediums, to support them and their results in an even bigger way.

Early on in her journey, Rhonda too subscribed to the ‘requirement’ of sacrificing her femininity in order to play in a male dominated industry. Being a child of addiction further compounded the many challenges she had to overcome.

But times have changed and being the unstoppable woman she is, Swan answered the call to let herself be anchored into her truest self, let her wisdom speak and her medicine do the work it was always meant to do.

‘When you start to understand this, you realise that what made me unstoppable, was actually all the things that happened to me, and I am grateful that they did.

However, I think, addressing it and starting to realise what has happened, healing those background stories and trauma, is what releases you to be completely free.

And so my past was what made me unstoppable. But the work I am doing now, is making me even more powerful. Now is the first time I am actually sharing some of my hardest times and experiences. By doing so in the book, I hope that I can help others realise those things that they have put in their Pandora’s Box, and let them know it is ok to start addressing it, and peel back those layers so you too can be unstoppable!’

As a collective and sisterhood, women can change the world. Especially women who trust themselves, and do the work to heal. It truly is the golden thread that has brought these 22 women together to guide and lead you.

If you can be certain of anything, especially in these times, be certain of yourself and the limitless possibility available; when you go wild too!

Women Gone Wild. The Guide to Fearless Living was released August 16 and is available to purchase NOW at

The Women Gone Wild, cohort exists because of these incredible fearless women:
Rhonda Swan
Ondi Laure
Yamilca Rodriguez
Jodi Vetterl

Kathi Tait

Sandra Tremper O’Brian find her at [email protected].
Isabel Donadio
Alexa West
Kathy Gibson
Celinne Da Costa
Allison Lewis
Hanalei Swan

Kendra Davis

Lilith Moon
Bella Maree
Leah Steele
Dora Cordova
Allison Larson

Camille Rob

Katrina Sawa

Anniece Acker

Loretta Wetzel





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