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Who Is Socks Designer And Lifestyle & Health Expert Corey McIntosh?

Photo Credit Keith L. Underwood


Corey McIntosh (aka Macw3rk) is a lifestyle expert who helps people achieve their goals through form and health. He went from an eight-year-professional basketball player abroad,  playing with DneprAzot in Ukraine, to one of the best online fitness coaches in the world with more than 2,000 transformations.

The purpose of Macw3rk is to show people that they can not only achieve the unthinkable, but do it with style and with a smile on their face. Developing people with great energy, dance and inspiration is what motivates the Macw3rk brand. The objective is to bring about change.

McIntosh recently spoke with The Hype Magazine to discuss Holiday plans with his sock brand ‘Macw3rk’ as well as workout routines that people can use heading into the holiday season.

Can you share when you got the inspiration to start your own sock company?

In 2018, back in the day when I was training, I used to wear colorful socks to make up for not having the most expensive shoes.  Then a client purchased me a pair of socks with my face on it and I thought that was cool.  She told me I should start my own sock line and so I did.

What’s the background story on choosing the name MacW3rk”?

That came from another friend of mine, when I was trying to come up with a name he said, “I don’t know Mac you’re always working.”  So, I put the two together and we had MacW3rk.  The “O” was replaced with a 3 because the first three letters of “Make A Change” is M-A-C.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your sock designs?

I look at pictures of shoes because most people want a pair of socks that match their shoes.  I take pics of colorful shoes and we create from there.  We also come up with themes without infringing on trademark restrictions.

Are there any new designs that are in the works for the holiday season? 

Currently, we have a new design coming out in the next two weeks.  It’s an abstract sock, no real theme just “loud.”  We’re coming into the holiday season, but it’s not a Christmas sock it’s just loud for the holidays.

Do you have any plans to collaborate with any other brands or companies within your community in the works?

Ideally, yes, no one off the top of my head, but collaboration is always a win in my book.  We’re stronger together than apart.

What are some of the characteristics you look for in possible interns?

Consistency, loyalty, and someone who is tuned in with their work ethic and takes it seriously.  Someone who wants to take things into their own hands and treat it like it’s theirs.

Photo Credit Keith L. Underwood

You are also a fitness and health expertAre there any regimens or routines that individuals can do heading into the holiday season? 

Whatever type of exercise you do, make sure you’re doing them in supersets.  Grouping your sets into small sets with maybe thirty-second rest periods in-between.

Do you plan on creating your own fitness and digital health program that clients can purchase?

Absolutely!  We’re looking to launch something of that sort at the beginning of 2022







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