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Published on December 30th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


An Indie Success Story: Ruby Recordings and its CEO Trizzy From Utica, New York


It’s not often we get to spotlight indie artists and labels making a solid go of it in this day and age. Longevity for most indie labels isn’t a word we can apply to their story. Gone are the days, or so it seems, when the streets supported the grind of the grassroots movements that drove the American music culture forward and, especially for the Hip Hop culture, made the majors stand up and take notice. Don’t get it twisted, SOME indie labels are making a go of it. Still, their stories often don’t reach our ears. Today though, I’m gonna hip you to a budding success story in the name of Ruby Recordings and its CEO Trizzy out of Utica, NY.

It’s a fact that few people starting their label have an in-depth understanding of music, production, and the business behind the spotlight like Ruby Recordings Founder/CEO Trizzy has. Trizzy began as a rapper/producer, but he had bigger dreams and founded Ruby Recordings. 

In 2015, Trizzy decided to start a record label after having a successful rap career. After months of hustling and networking with people in the industry, he signed the rapper FriO Isa Blaque the following year. Trizzy heard his song “Know Dat” and knew he would become a household name. After signing with Trizzy’s record label, FriO Isa Blaque released his studio album Let Me Put Some FriO On It. The project received high acclaim and began trending in no time. FriO Isa Blaque also released singles Soul Train, Trap Princess, and On Deck soon after.  

Trizzy’s Ruby Recordings has breathed new life into the rap music scene. It prides itself on creating incentive releases and international repertoire signings while earning international acclaim in the process. Trizzy has received continuous praise throughout the journey as he ensures the label focuses on instilling core values around the main mantra of family, trust, transparency, and expertise. Ruby Recordings has indeed found its footing as a world-renowned record label that focuses on innovation throughout every creation released. Ruby Recordings continually strives to shape the future of hip hop music by scouting musical trends and nurturing talented and dedicated artists. 

In 2021, Ruby Recordings evolved from just a simple record label. The label added artist development, touring, & concert production to their comprehensive platform. Ruby Recordings has a lucrative distribution deal through Sony’s distribution company, The Orchard, though it remains an independent label.

 Currently, the label is home to such artists as FriO Isa Blaque, who re-signed to Ruby Recordings in January of 2021, JT5K, AB Tazz, Moeschino, Reesemoe, and brilliant producers like Cari, Crisis, Trap’O, and more.

About his re-signing FriO Isa Blaque says, “Look at the track record! Ruby is the perfect label for aspiring artists to get the exposure we dream of. I dropped my first album under Ruby recordings and instantly gained a huge following.”

Ruby Recordings’ first international artist, JT5K, is a Canadian artist from Edmonton, Alberta, who signed with Ruby Recordings in May 2020. He creates catchy melodies and memorable hooks over an OVO/XO-inspired production. Growing up in Western Canada, JT5K is one of the hidden music gems on the Hip Hop scene. He released his debut single “Came From Nothing,” featuring John Cardiff & Trizzy, on June 12, 2020. The trending single transformed Ruby Recordings into a leading record label. JT5K gained support from major Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, Northern Bars and has been featured and interviewed by top-tier magazines. In 2021, he garnered more than 700,000 listeners and 2.2 million streams on Spotify. 

In 2022, Trizzy and Ruby Recordings are actively searching for talent across the globe to maintain a steady roster to expand audiences virtually throughout geographic locations. Trizzy believes in building a solid team of trustworthy individuals to skyrocket everyone’s career while still keeping his company name backing the artists. Trizzy wears many hats in this case, but he has no problem giving up the limelight to any of his artists.

It feels good to end 2021, highlighting a success story from the indie realm of music. Ruby Recordings and its CEO Trizzy prove the old formula works, i.e., hard work, creativity, networking, and ensuring your product has the backing of a full war chest of tools that enable you to market outside of your backyard and city.

If you are a serious artist looking to create your own opportunities as an indie, Ruby Recordings could be one of those case study references you use to initiate your play and see how it’s done effectively. 

Follow Trizzy and the label on Instagram

@lifeoftrizzy @rubyrecordings 

Trizzy is looking forward to hearing what you have to offer! Demos, resumes can be forwarded to [email protected]

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