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Who Is Kristina Murrell?

True talent will always find a way to make it to the top. For R&B/pop artist Kristina Murrell, her voice was destined to hit the charts – which started to become a reality when she was discovered by American record producer and songwriter Sonny King. After taking her under his wing, Kristina Murrell had the opportunity to pursue her dream, and she hasn’t looked back since. Now, with a recording deal with Music For Love, she released her first studio album, Passion & Pain, a raw look into loyalty, passion, and deception. Kristina Murrell continues to expand and curate her sound with each new track she drops, highlighting her supreme vocal ability.

Whether you’re kicking back with your closest friends or out partying in the club, you want to find the perfect track that sets all the good vibes in motion. Kristina Murrell’s “Let Me Drive” does just that with its infectious R&B instrumentals and sweet vocal melodies that sit right in the middle of chilling out and getting the party started. Unlike her last song, “Got Me Dreaming,” which speaks of deception and heartbreak, this track is all about “driving the boat” and taking charge of the relationship. Vanity Wyze also features on the track, adding an unmistakable flow and energy that has become synonymous with his own sound. The visuals tie in perfectly with the mood and theme of the song. In the “Let Me Drive” video, we get to see Kristina Murrell enjoying her time with her closest friends on a boat that is ripping through the currents of Lake Norman. She is carefree, bold, and unapologetic as she sports a new look with bright pink hair. This addicting track will have you hitting repeat.

How did you meet Sonny King? How has he helped you on your musical journey?

I  was introduced to Sonny King by my stepdad. As my manager and producer he has helped me so much in my music career. He has guided and shaped me into the artist I have become. He’s the reason I have been able to accomplish so much in a short amount of time.

Your first studio album Passion & Pain is a raw look into loyalty, passion, and deception, what was the creative process like developing your sound for this project?

The process for Passion & Pain took some creative planning. We wanted to show the different sides and stages of relationships so we placed the songs in a particular order. We also added some instruments to some songs to give a island vibe just to add a hint of my background.

How does “Let Me Drive” differ from the message of your last hit “Got Me Dreaming”?

Let Me Drive is more about taking control and being in charge where as Got Me Dreaming is a fantasy about what someone would like to happen.

How did this collaboration between you and Vanity Wyze come to be? What was it like working together?

Vanity and I are actually good friends we have worked before for my first video shoot Got Me Dreaming so working with him is alway a lot of fun.

What was it like filming a music video on the water? How does this visual stand out from your other music videos?

I really had a great time at the video shoot! I’m not a big fan of boats so at first I was scared but then I actually enjoyed the boat ride because the view and the weather was so amazing and just a nice vibe.

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