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Meet Brian DJ 3W The Water Walkin’ Warrior Rocking The Kingdom Music

Brian “DJ 3W the Water Walkin Warrior Culshaw is a husband, father, grandfather, and deacon in his church that was born and raised in the Midwest. As a teen, he dreamt of being a radio personality and DJ. He was inspired by DJs like DJ Premiere, Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri and others after falling in love with hip hop in the mid to late 80’s. The dream faded away as his life progressed, but after he dedicated his life to Christ in 2005, God brought the dream back to him in 2010. In that season, he had made multiple requests to get some Christian hip hop played on the local radio stations. An opportunity was given to him to produce and host a weekly two-hour radio show of his own called The Kingdom Minded Show, playing Christian hip hop and R&B on a Peoria, IL terrestrial FM radio station called Strictly Hip Hop 90.7 FM. Several years later, he began the journey as a mobile DJ providing services for weddings, basketball games, parties, church functions and community events.

One of his favorite places to DJ is Great Oaks Camp during 6 weeks in the summer of the camp’s program that brings city kids out for a week to minister the gospel to them and bring them out of the city and into nature. For the past 6 years, he has facilitated a dance party and sometimes a mini-concert on Thursday nights for them as a highlight the night before they go home. 3W has also had the opportunity to DJ or serve alongside some of his favorite artists through the years. Some of the artists he’s DJ’d for are DA TRUTH, Bizzle, Selah The Corner, Eshon Burgundy, Sevin, R-Swift, Josiah Williams, Plain James, THRE, Young Noah, and more. He’s interviewed many artists as well on the Kingdom Minded Show over the years. In the last several years, he has enjoyed live streaming from his home studio in Mackinaw, IL. Now, 10 years later and with the help of God, 3W has grown the Kingdom Minded Show into an international platform for Christian hip hop, R&B, neo-soul, Afrobeat, reggae, dancehall, UK Rap, 808’s and worship artists from around the world. It is the longest-running radio show on Strictly Hip Hop 90.7 FM and an anchor in the Sunday inspirational programming there. 3W also produces 2 additional versions of the show, a one-hour version for internet radio and another 2 hours live broadcasted version of FUNKnation Radio. The show is simulcast to Hot 3:16 Radio and syndicated to a multitude of internet radio stations.

3W and his wife also have expanded the show’s musical formats into a 24/7 internet radio station called “Kingdom Minded Radio”. 3W is the program director and the personality of the station. His wife, Aretha, is a personality on the station as well. It’s easy and simple, to say, I want to point people to Christ in what I do. That’s the straightforward truth, but it’s so much more than that. I do what I do to show people that you can love the Lord and love hip hop and other forms of music at the same time, while still giving Him glory. There is an influence in music that really touches people more than any other medium. I try to be a light for others to see that there is hope beyond the struggles of life and use music to do that. I compare what I do with presenting a full course meal as a DJ. I’m gonna give you a refreshed, an appetizer, some sides, meat and potatoes, main course, and some dessert. It’s all with the intention of feeding your soul something good. A Christian DJ plays music for an audience of one, before a crowd of many. It’s all for His glory.

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