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Published on April 17th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Shaun Gordon aka Shaun G?

Shaun Gordon also known as Shaun G is a radio personality and public figure who’s put in a lot of work over the years to get all the success he has now, but it wasn’t easy. Shaun was born in Patterson, New Jersey, and then moved to Wilmington, Delaware where he was raised until about 15 years old. In Wilmington, there was nothing but drugs and fights on every corner, at least in the parts where he lived near. At 15, he and his family moved to South Florida where they still reside, and it was in Florida where the opportunities came in.

Shaun began throwing parties at the age of 15, working his way up as a promoter on the party scene. He made major connections, one of them was DJ Yung Mal also known as Serato Kid, who is the CEO of Hit Factory Radio, the number one online radio station in Broward County. One day he asked me if I wanted to be a radio personality and the rest is history.

Shaun has been on the radio for 6 years now and has helped hundreds of artists grow and get to the next level. He also started his own clothing line called Letsbegr8t with his partner Henry Ojinmah also known as H2 Tha Great, who once told him, “We have to strive for greatness.” They started the company in 2021 and it is an officially trademarked company.


Shaun G exclaims, “I put in over 20 years of hard work in the entertainment industry and I’m just getting started.”

We wanted to know a bit more so we had Shaun G weigh in on a few things!

From the inside looking out, who is Shaun G?

Shaun G is motivational speaker, entertainer, entrepreneur, public figure & radio personality

What was the defining moment that determined for you that the entertainment biz was your path?

When I was 15 years old and was able to sneak into a party, seen all the things that were going on, from the music, to the beautiful women to atmosphere, I knew I wanted this to be my life.

Along your journey, what have been a couple highlights for you that still resonate with you?

I was able to get the Amazing Keke Palmer to call into My Radio Show with an interview about her new Book & Movie in 2016, met My Partner Heny Ojinmah also known as H2 tha Great in 2005, and we were able to start our own Clothing Line, and was able to become a Radio Host for Hit Factory Radio in 2015.

What satisfies you most about working in the industry? Getting the chance to help many Artists and Public Figures with their dreams, giving advice, and hearing the new music that comes out from independent artists.

You also help emerging personalities with marketing, what’s your standard advice for them? Never be afraid to invest in your brand, in the long run you’ll make the money back times ten.

As a radio personality, how do you decide what artists to bring out via your platform?

I base it on the music, the brand and audience, most artists who we interview are already established with their brand.

Are there any technical aspects artist need to pay attention to when submitting a song for radio play?

Yes, the song should be mixed and mastered, has to be mp3 format and should be their best single.

Outside of the industry, what are some initiatives you stand behind for the community?

Over the years myself and the radio station thought it was very important that we give back to the community so we have done multiple feed the homeless events where we gave away clothes and food to the less fortunate. We also did Support Your City events for the kids and families to come out, eat and enjoy themselves.

What’s been the FUNNIEST WTF moment for you thus far in your career?

When I had a kid DM on Twitter and told me he was going to kill himself because he was getting bullied in school, I told him that his family needs him and that he can’t let that bully get in his head, he took my advice and is still alive now!!

Where can we find you online?

I am on Twitter at @ShaunG and Instagram at @Shaungofficial, our Radio Station is at HitFactoryRadio.com

Last but not least, welcome Shaung G to our marketing department!

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