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Published on May 20th, 2022 | by Tallie Spencer


BirdVision Entertainment Confirms Plans to Expand This Year

BirdVision Entertainment has proven to be a real contender in music. By staying true to their original formula and choosing loyalty for their artists and each other, they have set themselves up for the success that they’ve always dreamed of. With Roddy Ricch being one of the most notable acts signed to the label, BirdVision Entertainment is planning to continue to build momentum and their current roster.

Now, the Compton-based music company is excited to confirm plans to expand the company’s services. With a proven track record for their knack of spotting upper echelon talents, managing them, and signing them to major record labels, the Ervin “Bird” Gainer led organization will now spread its wings into music publishing as they expand their highly-esteemed artist roster.

BVE is responsible for the meteoric rise and meticulous development of diamond-selling recording and performing artist, Roddy Ricch – also a BirdVision Ent. understudy. 

 “As we continue expanding at such a rapid pace, we plan on launching our publishing company as we expand our roster of artists” CEO and founder, Ervin Gainer states. The company has been a pearl in artist recruitment, facilitating them with resources, networks, and provision of a family-friendly environment that has enabled the acts to maximize their full potential. 

 “BVE differs from other companies because we are very family-oriented and truly care about the well-being of our artists and producers beyond the music.”

Co-founder Donovan “Donbo” Samuels expounds the company’s direction and success rate has allowed them to believe in themselves even more to spearhead the next generation of global superstars.

“We pride ourselves in creating opportunities for ourselves and others. This has been the goal from day one, and as long as these two powerhouses stay on their current course, there’s absolutely nothing we won’t be able to accomplish” he said.

Currently the label’s line-up boasts of Hip Hop raconteurs and R&B rising stars such as multi-platinum selling rapper Roddy Ricch, Cuuhraig, Rosemarie, Relly, AAP Deno & AAP Huncho. Also along with a team of upcoming producers, Chatz on the beat, Sean Brown and long time friends Trap Kitchen Spank and TBZ beats 

Roddy Ricch has been the label’s most successful story signing with Atlantic Records and achieving multi-platinum success. Rosemarie has been signed to Interscope Records while AAP Deno is officially an Epic Records signee. 


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