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Talking About: De Royce feat. Alex (TOK) & Moca Generation “NRG”

Music allows connection to form on many levels, allowing one to tap into their dreams, desires, and hopes. For De Royce, music has been about connecting to his heritage. Hailing from diverse backgrounds: Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and America, the collision of cultures has enriched the artist’s ability to communicate through the emotional power of music. This has led him to explore various genres, including hip-hop, dancehall, pop, and R&B, curating a versatile discography that can move any crowd. When you tune into De Royce’s frequency, you are guaranteed a trip into a lush soundscape of melodic hooks and catchy beats. His song “Groove” has even caught the attention of BET Jams and MTV Spankin’ New, highlighting DeRoyce’s potential to reach audiences across platforms and backgrounds.

Soak in the tropical heat in De Royce & Alex’s summer jam “NRG,” an essential party-starting track that brings flavor and intensity. “NRG” is a play on “energy,” and it’s all about bringing the hype and excitement into every aspect of life. The sunset-saturated song showcases De Royce’s impeccable ability to capture the magic of dance hall, pop, and R&B into a trendy single that seamlessly transitions from beach parties to nightlife clubbing. The electronic flair brings rhythm and movement into each verse, with breezy lyrics and an infectious chorus. The song also features Alex from T.O.K., one of the biggest dancehall reggae groups from Jamaica, who is stepping into his solo artistry. The video has the two artists getting up close and personal with stunning models against a beach backdrop, as the music sets the tone for a fun night out. Together, the duo has created a playful summer anthem that is ready to kick off on an international level.

Tell us about your musical journey, what inspired you to start penning lyrics and performing?

Well, it all started about 5-6 years ago. I used to drive my childhood brotha “Dreams” to the studio. He was the one making music at the time from “Diversity” (music group/team). I used to love catching the studio vibes, watching him and others record. I found it interesting because I’ve always been into music since I was a young boy. My mother and father kept me hip to all the songs that were dope at the time and are now classics. Being of Caribbean descent – my mom being Puerto Rican & my pops being Jamaican – I always had a perfect mix of great culture/music. Also being from New York which is a diverse state, I grew up on listening to a whole bunch of things which grew my love for music even more. Liking so much different genres, I had to sing/rap every song 𝐿𝑖𝑛𝑒 for line when I heard them, I couldn’t help it. So being at the studio, I used to tell me myself like maybe I should give this a try. “I have a nice voice, let’s see what I can do with it” so one day after “Dreams” session I asked if I can go in the both and test it out. I was nervous at first but I was determined so in a couple days from then wrote my first song & recorded in the studio & never looked back since.

How has music helped you connect with your heritage?

Music helped connect me with my heritage by allowing me to dive deeper, meaning to learn more of the languages/culture & allowing me to put my style in it. Also connecting me with dope legendary artist such as Alex from T.o.k., Tanto Metro & Devonte, & more. These are legends we used to hear on the radio growing up. It’s really a dope feeling. 

What is the meaning behind “NRG”? What would you describe as a person having the “right energy”?

The meaning behind the song “NRG” is to always bring that positive energy with anything you do in life. It can relate to all aspects of life. To share those positive vibes with one another bringing happiness & unity. To have the right energy is to obviously now carry negative vibes or intentions, to be pure and genuine with everything you do. To be loving, to be kind. To be REAL.

How was it shooting the music video? What are some of your favorite aspects of shooting one?

From the moment we walked on the set, the positive NRG was there. Damien Sandoval always has good vibes, ever since I met him he always had a big smile on his face, he’s very easy to work it and relaxed & NRG is contagious so it passes on to one another and relieves the stress of making sure everything is perfect & allows you to just have fun. Be vibey. So from afternoon to midnight, it was really vibey. We went from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach, to Dame’s sets, real vibey. My favorite aspects of shooting a music video is bringing a song you created to life with visuals. That can add more to the story you’ve created. Also being able to travel and meet different creatives, work together & have fun in the process to make a movie. All these components tailored around you to make you look & feel like a star, it’s a dope feeling.

How did the collaboration between you, Alex, and Moca Generation happen? What was it like working together on this song?

My manager Mark Pinnock set that up, he linked me and Alex. Then I met Moca through Alex & it was all vibes. They sent me the beat, I heard it and immediately was like “nahh this a hit”. Alex went to the studio and recorded his part and sent it to me, I got hype & started to write to it right there on the spot & send it back to him; he loved it. Recorded the song & it was history. It felt so natural because Alex & I are on similar frequencies so we vibe off each other naturally. He says I remind him of the younger him; I take that as a compliment cause he is a legend in dancehall genre. 


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