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Gildable, Chris Breed, and Brody West Are Using Blockchain To Change Celebrity-Fan Relationships

When visionary entrepreneurs leverage innovative technology to provide value to consumers, there is no limit to what they can achieve. Since the invention of the internet and social media, the world is in the midst of an entrepreneurial renaissance. As we transition to the new era of the internet, entrepreneurs are finding success and creating value with decentralized peer-to-peer networks. These Web 3 visionaries are revolutionizing a wide variety of industries from finance to entertainment to e-commerce to real estate to art by emphasizing transparency, privacy, and security.

Curiously enough, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding the ‘old-school’ world of collectibles and cards. Over the last few years, enthusiasts of sports-related trading cards (basketball, baseball) and anime-related trading cards (Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh) have already been enjoying the revived market for this hobby. To this point, the sports trading card market is expected to hit $98.75 billion by 2027 and, in 2021, an impressive $5.275 million sale of a PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card broke the record for the most expensive Pokémon card sale in history. As the physical trading card market continues to reach new heights, blockchain technology is opening up new ways for famous digital creators and owners of popular IP to capitalize on these trends by creating digital assets. Just like physical trading cards, digital collectible cards represent a passion for particular cultural phenomena. Furthermore, digital collectible cards offer an unprecedented level of interactivity, tradability, and value. Capturing consumer and corporate attention, NBA Top Shot is an innovative project partnered with the NBA to turn licensed multimedia into valuable digital assets on the blockchain. Similar to how fans used to purchase physical trading cards, fans can now purchase video footage of their favorite basketball ‘moments,’ like a Steph Curry 3-point buzzer-beater from the NBA Finals, as a collectible on NBA Top Shot.

Introducing Gildable, a digital collectible card marketplace enabling celebrities to monetize their social capital, and offer unique experiences, memorabilia, and perks to their fans. Athletes, actors, musicians, and influencers can use the Gildable platform to transform their existing Instagram content into exclusive, limited-release  Gildable packs, each of which contains a random set of Gildable cards for fans to trade and collect. While Gildable leverages the Polygon blockchain for security and to create scarcity, collectors can purchase these appreciating digital assets without any cryptocurrency wallet or blockchain knowledge. With low barriers to entry, Gildable is resonating with creators and collectors who may be hesitant about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. To this point, users can buy their favorite Gildable cards using standard debit and credit cards and ‘cash out’ their earnings to traditional bank accounts. Gildable is also resonating with those concerned over Web 3’s sustainability as Gildable’s platform is 100% carbon neutral. The Gildable team prides itself on being eco-friendly and sustainable as well as innovative.

Any celebrity or socially significant individual can use their Instagram posts to create Gildable cards on the platform. Furthermore, Gildable card creators can connect with their fans by attaching Gildable cards to special perks, such as physical memorabilia, autographs, community access, and social experiences. Gildable card creators keep 70% of the revenue from their pack sales, and even earn a royalty fee on secondary-market sales of their Gildable cards.

While Gildable’s capabilities go far beyond converting social media posts into valuable digital assets, the ease at which this is achieved on Gildable’s platform is truly market-disrupting. Additionally, Gildable allows individuals to seamlessly take advantage of the best of Web 3, blockchain, and NFT technology, without any cryptocurrency knowledge. Gildable’s vertically integrated platform enables collectors and creators alike to easily jump into the exciting new Web 3 economy.

Gildable is making waves in the celebrity world, with socially significant people like esteemed actress Mariel Hemingway, former Bachelor Pilot Pete, popular artist Mike Dargas, award-winning actor Jeremy Sumpter, and College Basketball alum and TikTok sensation Jimmy Sotos already using the platform.

Furthermore, Gildable is using its voice and platform to support positive social causes. To this end, Gildable partnered with American Red Cross to create philanthropic packs, featuring celebrities like Robin Thicke, Dylan McDermott, Jane Seymour, Chris Maloney, and others. Gildable is also working with Ukrainian athletes to support relief efforts in Ukraine.

Chris Breed, CEO of Gildable, is a legendary entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. Affectionately nicknamed “The King of Hollywood” by the Los Angeles Times, Breed’s history is unparalleled. Breed is famous for creating some of the hottest celebrity night spots in the last few decades. Breed is responsible for the highly popular and super-exclusive Green Door as well as the Roxbury, the iconic inspiration for the famous movie ‘Night at the Roxbury.’ Breed is known for working with John Paul Dejoria, the creator of Patron tequila, helping him position the brand with the Hollywood elite and ultimately sell the company for $5.1 billion. Breed worked in a similar capacity for P Diddy’s Ciroc vodka, and has also worked with Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and other major beverage brands. Breed has also worked closely with Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Prince, Mariah Carey, Michael Bay, Jason Statham, Kevin Costner, Paris Hilton, Scott Disick, and others on various celebrity-branded projects. The veteran Hollywood entrepreneur leverages his network and experience in Hollywood, marketing, and lifestyle events to grow Gildable’s celebrity partnerships and community presence.

Brody West, the CTO of Gildable, is an MIT alumnus with a unique melange of technical and venture capital experience. West built out his technical chops as a partner at an algorithmic trading firm, and then went on to be a principal at the esteemed cryptocurrency venture capital firm Pantera Capital. The rest of the technical team is also predominantly recruited from MIT.

With a vertically integrated platform, multiple unique value propositions, and a strong moral compass, we are excited to see how Gildable continues to enable celebrities to earn money and connect with their fans. For people looking to get started creating and collecting Gildable cards, please visit the Gildable website.

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